The warm days are over and the winter has us now fully under control. Mice and rats avoid the cold and seek shelter in the surroundings of house and flat.

Mice and rats are harmful rodents and health pests. They should not be tolerated in the vicinity of house, flat or garden. Mice and rats can transmit diseases because they are infested with a variety of pathogens. They contaminate food and supplies by eating and excreting and are responsible for damage to cables and electrical equipment.

Information About Pest Rodents

Mice and rats are among the top 10 pests due to the following properties:

They are Curious

Mice and rats explore their environment. Once they have settled in the house, they spread via conduits, cable ducts and wall penetrations and like to build their nests in false ceilings, hollow walls, in the attic and elsewhere.

They are Always Hungry

Mice and rats search everywhere for food. Within a day they find up to 40 feeding places.

They Reproduce Quickly

Mouse populations grow extremely fast. One mouse can give birth to up to 16 mice per month. This means that as soon as a mouse family has found shelter in a house or apartment, it multiplies immediately and the mice infestation rises steadily.

They are very Mobile

Mice and rats have a soft physique. Rats squeeze themselves through only 2 cm big holes and run up vertical rain gutters. Mice already-fit through pencil-thick holes (6-7 mm) and jump up to 24 cm high!

They are Tireless

On the search for food and Nistplätzen, mice put a distance of up to 1 km away per day. On their way, they leave a long trail with excrement pills. House-mice produce approximately 60-80 excrements per day.

They are Adaptable

Mice and rats adapt to their environment. For example, they can easily move around in the dark and live on 3 grams of food a day. That’s not much with their large range of motion.

Detecting Mouse and Rat Infestations

There are doubtless signs pointing to mice and rats in the apartment and house.

  1. Feces: Fecal traces are one of the most prominent signs of infestation by mice and rats. Mice and rats droppings can be found on the paths and walkways inside and outside the building.
  2. Smears: Mice and rats indoors often use the same walkways. Their bodies repeatedly come into contact with the surfaces being walked on, leaving behind traces of body fat.
  3. Run marks: In very dusty areas inside buildings, mice and rats can betray themselves through their run marks. They leave typical footprints in the basement or attic.
  4. Smell: An infestation by mice and rats produces a very unpleasant, characteristic stench, which is particularly pronounced in closed areas within house or flat and is caused above all by excrement and urine.
  5. Gnawing marks: One of the most important infestation characteristics with mice and rats are gnawing marks, since they gnaw all conceivable materials due to its innate nail drive. Typical bite patterns or feeding marks develop.
  6. Do not ignore mouse and rat infestation! This can spread quickly. Pay attention to the mentioned signs and contact Rentokil immediately in case of suspicion of rodents. We support you with professional mouse and rat control.