Just mentioning bedbugs is enough to make some people itch spontaneously. The idea that at night – while we sleep – small pests in our beds go in search of our blood can indeed be worrying.

One of the most effective methods of bedbugs control is the use of a bedbugs control:

  • heat treatments;
  • chemical sprays;
  • combination treatments.

Does Heat Eliminate The Bedbugs Problem?

As Boris and Brad, our two little bloodsuckers, have to discover for themselves in their latest adventure, expert heat treatment is indeed one of the best methods for successful and sustainable bed bug control.

Of course, professional bedbugs control is expensive. However, it also ensures a fast and above all reliable destruction of the infestation and thus a nightly sleep through without stings, itching and swelling.

Are Bedbugs Only Found In Hotels?

No. Bedbugs are very travel-friendly pests. Recently, for example, a police station in Massachusettes, USA, had to be evacuated temporarily, because there was a strong bedbugs problem and treatment was necessary. The bedbugs infestation is also increasing in Germany.

What Is The Best Method To Remove Bedbugs?

A decisive approach is advisable for successful bed bug control. It is advisable to take action as soon as the first signs of bedbugs appear in order to overcome the problem.

The difficulty with the treatment of bedbugs is not simply to remove all visible bedbugs, because: if you can see bedbugs, there is already a serious infestation. Bedbugs are also true masters at hiding.

Rather, it is a matter of combating all bedbugs stages in order to stop a renewed (usually very rapid) spread. We therefore recommend professional control by a professional. He is trained to recognize indications of an infestation, to track down breeding places and hiding places and to solve the bedbugs problem successfully. But how does he do it?

Heat Treatment

As pests become increasingly resistant to traditional chemical-based pest control methods, heat treatment has become a recognized and reliable tool in the pest control industry.

In 2010 Rentokil developed the Entotherm heat treatment against bedbugs and was awarded the “Best Business Award” in England for the innovation of the year in the private sector.

But anyone who now thinks of simply turning the room heating up to the limit would also help, is unfortunately mistaken.

What Makes Heat Treatment Technology So Efficient?


A temperature of approx. 52 °C can be sufficient to kill bedbugs. The temperature range of Rentokil’s Entotherm Heat Treatment is even between 56 – 60 °C. This increases the probability of a successful bed bug control drastically; after all, you want to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Treatment time

We maintain these temperatures in the treatment area for 1.5 to 3 hours. If the degree of infestation is high or the rooms are very crowded, this may take longer.

Treatment area

We treat rooms by creating an even distribution of the heated air. In this way, bedbugs that hide “in the most absurd places” are also combated.


Careful monitoring by our professionally trained technicians during the entire treatment process is essential for successful treatment.

Are Bedbugs a Problem Only in Germany?

Clearly: no! In the 80s and 90s there was practically no mention of these small parasites. In the meantime, almost no week passes without new news about bedbugs in industry circles. The demand for bed bug control is constantly increasing every year.

Bedbugs are a much more established topic in the USA. There, for example, a “bed bug week” was launched in order to devote more attention to the topic. Some US states have already set up task forces to deal with the increasing problem of bedbugs. And this is not exaggerated: Surveys there show that 3 out of 5 respondents have already had to take measures against bedbugs.

Let’s jump back to Europe. In Innsbruck a night train had to be stopped recently due to heavy infestation by bedbugs. Numerous passengers complained of severe itching, massive reddening of the skin and allergic reactions.

Another popular destination is student residences, as their residents travel a lot and take bugs home with them as invisible souvenirs.