Flytrap For The Gastronomy – You Should Consider This

In gastronomy, fly traps are often the only way to get rid of the little pests. Flies are one of the most unpleasant insects for many people. They orbit around their heads, land on their faces and sit down on the delicious strawberry cake they were about to eat.

The small insects also often cause disgust. First they land on the heap of dog excrement and shortly afterwards they feast on our piece of cake. Flies can spoil the fun at the restaurant and are not welcome guests. In the course of this article you will learn how to use fly traps in gastronomy.

What Attracts Flies in Gastronomy?

Flies can be found almost everywhere, in private households as well as in gastronomy. There are countless things that flies and other insects find very attractive. The animals are attracted, for example, by flies:

  • food leftovers on plates and cutlery;
  • fruit juices;
  • fruit;
  • alcohol residues and vinegar;
  • open empties;
  • rubbish bin;
  • compost bin;
  • standing water (e.g. dog bowls, bird troughs or rain barrels);
  • all foods containing protein and carbohydrates (e.g. jam and ham).

The best way to counter annoying insects is to deprive them of any food source. However, this is hardly possible in restaurants, bars, pubs, beer gardens and cafés.

You can’t always clean and rinse used dishes immediately. The guests enjoy their drinks and food and bottles, glasses and plates are on the table for a longer period of time. It is also not always possible to store food in closed containers or in the refrigerator. It is also not possible to keep windows and doors closed during operation. In many cases only flytraps will help.

Targeted pest control is extremely effective. Please also read our article “Pest control – targeted repelling of mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps” for more tips on pest control. Further products for pest control can be found in our online shop.

How Can The Flytrap Get Rid Of Insects?

Flytraps are available in different versions. A flytrap is often also suitable for catching other insects. There are variants for indoor use, large rooms and open spaces. As a rule, flytraps are equipped with a special attractant. This attractant attracts the flies and they are trapped.

If the flytrap is electric, the flying insects are attracted by UV light. The electric flytrap has a built-in high voltage grid, which kills the flies as soon as they approach the UV light and touch the grid. As a rule, electric fly traps function silently so that guests are not disturbed.

Depending on the model, the flytrap has an on/off switch and can remain permanently connected to the mains via the plug. As an alternative to an electric model, you can also opt for a rotating flytrap. The rotating flytrap does not require chemicals and the flying insects are not killed.

Which Fly Traps Also Work For Large Areas?

For owners of cafés, restaurants and hotels, a flytrap for large areas is particularly important. If guests want to sit comfortably in the afternoon or evening, drink a glass of wine or beer or enjoy a piece of cake, they do not want to be bothered by flies. With the right fly trap for larger areas, you can prevent flies from coming in masses and driving away guests.

Fly traps for large areas should be designed in such a way that annoying flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies are repelled directly. Guests should not be bothered. There should be no habituation effect. The trap should therefore act directly on the nervous system of the animals. Ideally, fly traps are environmentally friendly for larger rooms and the attractant does not have to be refilled all the time.

Are you looking for a suitable flytrap for indoor use? We have already explained 5 high-quality fly traps to you in more detail – some of them so aesthetic that your guests will not even suspect it is a fly trap – “5 fly traps perfect for indoor use: gastronomy, hotel, café”.

Why Are HACCP Flytraps Perfect For Catering?

For restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other businesses that have to work according to HACCP standards, insect control is a particularly important issue. HACCP is a quality tool that has been developed to avoid hazards in the production and handling of food.

With a HACCP flytrap, insects can be trapped in such a way that there is no risk of them coming into contact with food. If the flytrap is electric, it is considered rather unsuitable for areas where food is processed. If the insects are killed by contact with the high-voltage spiral, parts can be thrown back into the room. A HACCP flytrap is therefore a flytrap with adhesive plates or suction system.

Where Can I Buy The Right Flytrap?

An electric flytrap is a useful helper for the smooth operation in gastronomy. Visually, electric flytraps can be very attractively designed. They are available in many different sizes and designs. Attractive designs and bright colors can turn a flytrap into a real eye-catcher.

If you are looking for an electric flytrap or a HACCP flytrap for the catering area, you are in the right place in our hygiene shop. We are happy to advise you about fly traps and other insect killers and support you in your choice.