Nobody wants to live in the apartment in guest rooms or in the office with annoying pests and vermin – be they flies, mosquitoes, wasps, gnats or other insects. The Hygiene Shop now offers the right solutions for effective pest control. In our various blog posts on insect extermination and pest control, we offer numerous help and tips on how to get rid of the various pests. Inform, act and enjoy the time.

Pest Control: Eliminating Vermin

Professional protection against unwanted insects is possible with the presented pest control instruments. These include high-performance devices from Insect-o-cutor, perfume dispensers, insect adhesive traps and insecticide spray dispensers. With the latter, flies, mosquitoes and gnats do not even get near rooms.

In addition, Insect-Out and Cit offer a comprehensive range of sprays and insecticides. A chemical club is no longer necessary: Insect Out, for example, has been working successfully with efficient plant active ingredients for a long time. These protect against annoying infestation by moths, ants, mosquitoes and wasps. Wasp sprays and the wasp foam on offer prevent the formation of a wasp nest. Once it has been built, it can be rendered unusable by the carefully used foam.

This is permitted under existing nature conservation laws if there is danger to humans, i.e. if the wasp nest is located in residential or other areas. A wasp colony chooses a settlement place by the way only once and never again afterwards. Anyone who has rendered the wasp nest harmless can rely on the future elimination of harassment. In addition, the products from the hygiene shop greatly simplify effective wasp control.

Protection From Flies and Mosquitoes

Who doesn’t know it: Some insects are – in contrast to wasps – less dangerous, but terribly annoying. These include practically all fly species and of course mosquitoes. The latter are available in countless varieties. There are 3,500 species worldwide, 104 in Europe, against which special protective measures are required. Read also “Electric insect killers – wasps, flies, insects effectively drive away, remove and kill”.

Only their females bite into our skin and then suck out our blood because they need our proteins (especially hemoglobin and albumin) and our iron in the blood to lay their eggs. They hardly feed on blood. All mosquito representatives actually live from nectar or other sugar-containing plant juices. The different mosquito species specialise in different hosts, so not every mosquito attacks us.

Dangerous is the fact that they can also transmit diseases, including malaria and dengue fever. It is an ancient insect species, the oldest mosquito found by humans to date was enclosed in an amber 79 million years ago. Choosing the right means to control them is crucial, precisely because there are so many species.

Suitable Products For Pest Control

The Hygiene Shop therefore offers a variety of instruments for pest control – including sprays that can help against mosquitoes, but also passive glue traps that attract annoying visitors with a scent, and active UV light traps. These insect killers work with ultraviolet light. When the mosquitoes or other vermin have entered this trap, they are fixed on adhesive surfaces.

Even the classic current grid trap is available in the shop. They are also popular because the insect killers with a UV round lamp plus rotating propeller are efficient. They work with attracting (by UV light), suction and mechanical destruction by the propeller. Such devices come in different performance classes from the manufacturer Fan. More about the electric insect killers “The all-rounder for the summer”.

Accessories For Pest Control

Insect killers of all kinds include an extensive range of accessories. In particular the shop offers:

  • Adhesive foils;
  • UV splinter protection lamps of all wattage classes;
  • attractants;
  • insecticides.

These accessories are necessary because they are consumables that the shop offers particularly cheaply and delivers quickly. Important to know: The hygiene shop also offers insect killers and accessories with HACCP certification.

These are products used in the food industry because they comply with the HACCP standard (Hazard Analysis-and Critical Control Points). This certification ensures that all factors that pose a potential health risk can be eliminated with the means. Not only the food companies themselves, but also their suppliers must comply with the HACCP standard.

These include the chemical industry, cleaning and packaging manufacturers and machine builders. Anyone who uses HACCP-certified equipment and products to protect themselves against vermin infestation complies with legal guidelines and signals the highest standards to their own customers.

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