Insect killer: This is the proven insider tip when it comes to untroubled summer pleasures. Because you hardly feel the first tickle of warm sunbeams on your skin, insects of all kinds spread like magic.

These little pests, above all flies, wasps and mosquitoes, obviously consciously ignore the unwritten law of only being allowed to enter foreign premises by invitation. Rather, they even seem to be magically attracted to some things in your home.

In the following paragraphs you will learn what these consist of and to what extent an insect exterminator proves to be a reliable and lasting solution for your problems.

What Attracts Pests Like Flies, Wasps And Mosquitoes?

Especially fruit flies prefer ripe fruit. But not only adult specimens cannot resist this comparatively simple source of food in your kitchen. Rather, they also serve as a nutritional basis for the offspring, i.e. hundreds of larvae, which are preferably deposited in rotten fruit.

In turn, mosquitoes need a combination of water and heat to reproduce. It is therefore hardly surprising that mosquitoes develop into a real plague, especially on rivers, ponds, lakes and other waters. After all, these mosquitoes are regarded as optimal breeding grounds for their eggs. The fact that blood is an indispensable prerequisite for the development of females’ eggs is something you will notice at the latest at the first sting.

Even wasps that purposefully eat delicacies such as grilled meat or fresh fruitcake not only try to ensure their own survival. Rather, it is also their task to provide their offspring with nutritious meat, which contains protein, among other things.

In spite of these plausible explanations you will surely agree that a peaceful coexistence, in which you basically get the short end of the stick, is difficult to achieve in the long run. After all, you don’t want to limit yourself completely for protection from the vermin, but want to let the warm summer wind blow through your house with open windows and doors.

How Can I Repel Insects With A Flytrap?

A first, comparatively gentle, but not always sufficient measure is the use of a scent spray or protective spray that keeps insects such as mosquitoes, flies and wasps at a distance. If this proves to be ineffective, since the pests nevertheless find a way into your house or immediate surroundings, then it is necessary to resort to more radical methods such as the classic fly trap or more modern variants such as electric insect killers.

Get rid of flies, wasps and mosquitoes with an electric insect killer.

The principle of attraction in electric insect killers is similar to that of mere defenses. The insects are attracted by scents or UV light until there is no turning back and they die either on an adhesive strip or on a live electrical device.

Which Insect Killers Are Suitable For Which Situation?

The wide range of different insect killers gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to where to use them.

The so-called HACCP insect exterminator, for example, was developed especially for the gastronomic sector and meets the highest qualitative and hygienic standards. The insect trap with power grid is a classic among the electrical devices for the reliable destruction of wasps, flies and mosquitoes. The latter ensures that insects are killed even at the slightest touch. Proven equally effective alternatives are the fragrance spray, the glue trap and the fan insect killer. The common attractants here are fragrances, UV light and the suction of the fan.

Electric insect killers are available in different sizes and designs. They can either be mounted on the ceiling or wall or decorate the table. In addition, the majority of the models can be used both indoors and on large surfaces and large open spaces.

What Is The Cost Of A High-Quality Insect Killer?

The cost of high-quality equipment varies greatly depending on the model. The “Blue Insectivoro Fan Insectkiller” from Moel, for example, offered in our range, is already available for around 72 euros.

The “Glue-pad Design 20 Watt”, which can be used in the kitchen at home as well as in the office, hospital and school, can again be purchased for 96.05 euros. The average price for higher quality electrical appliances is 300 euros.

Where Can I Find The Right Insect Killer?

A glance at our product range will surely convince you that you will find an electric insect killer suitable for your special needs, occasion and place of use simply because of the large selection and variety of the individual models.

Do not hesitate in case of doubt, but make use of our offer to request a consultation.