Unfortunately, summertime is also always vermin time. Especially after this very mild winter the little pests spread faster than ever. Hygieneprofi has compiled for you which measures really help against which insects, where the techniques are best to use and where the individual advantages and disadvantages lie.

Uv Fly Lamps With Adhesive Technology (Adhesive Traps)

Glue traps Devices work hygienically, noiselessly and odourlessly and with a very high catch rate. The principle: attracted by the UV-A light (wavelength of 365 nm) which is harmless to humans and animals, flying insects sit on a non-toxic adhesive film and are trapped there. The “saturated” adhesive film is disposed of and replaced by freshness.

Advantages of this technology:

  1. Insects are attracted by UV radiation even from greater distances (light trap).
  2. “Smaller” lamps look good and are particularly suitable for living rooms, offices, restaurants (restaurants, pubs, hotels) and grocery stores. They can be unobtrusively integrated into existing lighting/furnishings (‘indirect lighting’).
  3. The adhesive film is discreetly applied. With many lamps, the trapped insects are usually not visible to uninvolved observers. The insects/flies are attracted by the adhesive foil and held on the surface. (Adhesive trap)
  4. Catching and killing is noiseless.
  5. No “bursting” of insects/flies by touching high voltage grids.
  6. Therefore, it can be used in hygienically particularly sensitive areas (gastronomy, kitchens, food businesses, food shops with unpackaged goods, confectioneries, etc.).
  7. By omission of the high voltage grids also possible for use in EX-protection areas (with simultaneous electrical shielding).
  8. The adhesive surfaces also allow the detection and identification of flying insects.
  9. Without poison! Adhesive films and adhesive substance are non-toxic and do not pollute the environment.
  10. Environmentally friendly! No use of insecticides. Natural pest control.

Electrical Grid

Electric insect traps work according to a simple principle: a fluorescent tube in the 365 nm range, which is very attractive for insects, attracts them. On their way to UV light, the pests have to pass through an electrode grid which is charged with a high voltage (usually several thousand volts). Approaching these electrodes kills the insects.

Disadvantages of this technology:

  • During insect extermination, the high voltage breaks down and incoming insects cannot be destroyed.
  • The crackling noise during insect burning is not pleasant.

Insect Control With Automatic Atomizer – Spray Techniques

Functionality: Automatic spray systems spray a small amount of insecticide at programmable intervals to provide protection against insects. The systems often have selector switches for day, night or continuous operation.

The devices have been specially developed for rooms where it is difficult to install electrical insect killers, especially in areas where, for example, extremely bright daylight or artificial light makes the UV light of the electrical insect repellent have a poor effect. The dispensers are powered by batteries and can therefore be used everywhere, whether in mobile homes, any rooms without electricity (waiting rooms, gyms, living rooms, kitchens), hotels and guesthouses, as well as in cafés.

Terms of use:

The place of installation should be chosen so that the agent cannot be sprayed directly onto food. Install the spray system at a height of at least 2.00 m above the floor so that the jet is not directed at persons.

Disadvantage of this technology:

  1. Use of insecticides

Insect Killer With Antibacterial (Uvc) Air Disinfection (Fan Technology)

The ideal device for the quick cleaning of rooms or areas. The insects are attracted by the light and then killed by the fan. This insect killer is equipped with an internal UVC lamp and thus achieves a germicidal effect that sterilizes the captured insects and prevents the formation of microbes or bacteria. This model is designed to solve hygienic and ecological problems! It is therefore ideal for restaurants.

Finally, there are devices that kill the insects with the fan described above. The principle is the same, but there is no antibacterial effect, ideal for camping holidays, for example.