Ants can become a big problem when the warmth of spring and summer arrives. Especially for those who live on the lower floors of a tenement house or in a private house.

In terms of appearance, red house ants are similar to ordinary garden ants and differ only in size: red ants are smaller than garden ants. Once a year many winged ants, both males and females, hatch in an ant’s nest. They can easily get into the house and start a new family under favorable conditions, with hundreds and thousands of insects.

Red house ants usually nest in hidden, inaccessible places – in interfloor coverings, behind tile claddings and skirting boards, under the parquet, in plaster cracks, etc.

If you have small red ants in your home, this does not mean that they necessarily have their nest with you. Ants are able to travel long distances in search of food. They feed primarily on carbohydrates and protein-rich foods. But most of all, they are attracted to sweets and meat.

Why Can Ants Be Dangerous In An Apartment?

It is believed that ants, unlike other insects, do not do much damage. However, experts warn that such a neighbourhood can cause health damage and that ants in contact with sewage and food can spread infection.

Often, housewives face an invasion by ants. It is very unpleasant when the fruits lying on the table are covered with insects, when the ants swarm in the sugar bowl and crawl along the sliced bread. For most people, it is then clear that the ants have to leave the house in any case.

Reasons Why Ants Appear In The House

Insects of all kinds attack houses to improve their living conditions. Often they are looking for a safe shelter to build a nest, or for pure food reasons. Ants are no exception. Dirty crockery, leftovers of crumbs on the table, an overcrowded trash can – all this is perceived by them as an invitation to dinner.

It is impossible to completely rid the home of particles that would be suitable for ants as food. But a clean environment can help to dam ant infestation.

How Can I Prevent Ants From Entering My Home?

In order to prevent ants from invading your home during the warm seasons, you should take preventive measures:

  1. Do not leave food for ants lying around: sweets, meat, bread.
  2. Pay careful attention to the cleanliness of your kitchen: try not to keep the dishes dirty for long and wipe the worktops carefully from food leftovers.
  3. Bring the garbage out more often. For the ants it serves as a “lighthouse” in your kitchen.
  4. Store the fruit in the refrigerator or in tightly closed food containers.
  5. Find the paths through which the ants can penetrate and stick a strip of double-sided adhesive tape, approx. 5 cm wide, onto each of them. The adhesive surface should withstand the onslaught of uninvited guests.

How Can I Fight Ants In My Home?

Before you start fighting ants, observe them first. Insects live in large families, where each member of the community has a different role. Worker ants collect food and carry it in their bellies into the nest. Once you have determined where they crawl to (often forming visible traces), you may find a nest or find that they come to you for food purposes only.

The attack of these invaders is fended off in different ways – with household remedies or also with modern, professional methods.

The chemical industry proposes the use of gels, aerosols, soluble poisons and the like in the fight against these insects. Each of them is effective in its own way, but all these chemicals also have their drawbacks: they can be harmful to humans and ants can adapt to them.

Insecticides used to control ants may contain substances that can be harmful to health.

But a neighborhood with crawling creatures won’t make you happy at all, so you’d rather use special traps filled with solids or grains that attract insects. The ants take the particles of this poison and infect the entire anthill. It is important to place the traps in such a way that they are not accessible to children and pets.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Apartment With Household Remedies?

There are various household methods that circulate on the Internet, which are supposed to help ants to get rid of with simple household remedies. For example, you will find the following suggestions:

  1. Use baits with boric acid.
  2. to mix yeast with sugar.
  3. Use garlic, peppermint or camphor as they spread sharp odors.
  4. Ants with coffee grounds to lure away.
  5. Setting up adhesive tape traps.

These proposals can lead to success. However, this is not guaranteed and future infestation is not excluded. A professional fight can lead to success.