A flytrap as a glue trap proves to be the only way to keep the little pests permanently at bay, and not only on a private level. Also in public areas, above all in confectionery, the modern devices, which are not only highly effective, but also visually impressive, prove to be indispensable.

This applies, among other things, to the former classic, the glue trap, which is now available in a completely new, refined design.

Why Should I Have A Flytrap In My Pastry Shop And In My Coffee Shop?

Hygiene and cleanliness are a basic prerequisite for success in confectionery and gastronomy. Flies and other insects can sabotage it. After all, the humming and buzzing intruders are not just a nuisance. Rather, they can also transmit diseases.

In short: flies and other insects have no place in a confectionery, coffee shop, hotel or restaurant that promises first-class quality. An important management task is therefore to take the necessary steps to solve an existing or future insect problem by installing a flytrap.

Are Fly Traps Hygienic?

The answer here is simply yes. If you want to be completely on the safe side, we recommend the so-called HACCP fly traps, which have been specially developed for the catering trade. What exactly does this mean?

The HACCP flytraps were designed in accordance with the HACCP guidelines for the food industry and therefore do not pose any danger to guests or personnel working in this area.

The abbreviation HACCP stands for the so-called “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”, which, according to European legislation, must be complied with by traders subject to food law. In addition to butchers and bakers, this also includes restaurateurs.

Which Haccp Flytraps Are There?

HACCP flytraps are available in different sizes and designs. Since they were developed especially for the public or gastronomic sector, they not only convince with their above-average effectiveness, but also with their appealing appearance.

One example is our trendy Insectivoro 363G germicidal insect killer with antibacterial air disinfection, which uses a built-in UVC lamp to prevent the formation of bacteria and microbes. The HACCP fly traps are also true all-rounders when it comes to installation. The slim, sleek design of our Genus® ILT30 insect trap, for example, allows it to be installed on a wall or used as a standalone model.

Each electric flytrap is based on a different principle. In addition to the proven adhesive traps, the so-called fan flytrap is also very popular. With this variant in the “electric flytrap” category, the insects are attracted into the interior of the device by the suction of the fan, where they are destroyed.

In addition to the models mentioned above, you will also find other high-quality fly traps in our range which, in addition to great efficiency and performance, also shine with their HACCP conformity. Pest control can be used very specifically.

Please also read our article “Pest control – targeted defence against mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps” for further information and tips on how to deal with pests. Fast pest control is particularly important in the catering and food industries. In addition, strong chemical agents should also be avoided.

The Glue Trap: Why I Should Consider A Glue Trap

When you hear the term “glue trap” you inevitably have to think of glue tapes hanging from the wall or ceiling? Then it is high time to take a closer look at our exclusive product range, which is teeming with models designed using the latest technology.

In addition to easy maintenance, today’s adhesive traps also have a stylish look that can be both discreet and eye-catching. The latter model, Genus® ILT30, for example, is a light trap equipped with adhesive foils that fits visually into any ambience. In addition, it scores with low maintenance costs and maximum performance.

Another effective and aesthetic adhesive trap is the Aura adhesive trap from Insect-o-cutor. Available in black and stainless steel, with UV light and replaceable adhesive strips. This adhesive trap does not even look like an insect killer and can be easily attached to the wall.

Adhesive Traps Are Perfect For Indoor Use

Especially if you are interested in the quietest possible insect killing in a coffee shop, confectionery, hotel or restaurant, a glue trap will effortlessly knock out other models of the “electric flytrap” category, such as high-voltage devices or the already mentioned fan flytrap.

In most cases, the glue trap uses both ultraviolet light and irresistible materials for insects. These act as a lure that pulls the uninvited guests to the adhesive foil.

The care and maintenance of this recommendable variant for the gastronomic interior is also inexpensive, practical and uncomplicated. Replacing the full adhesive film with a new one takes just a few seconds.

Are you curious about this version? And would you like to be on the safe side that your furnishings comply with the HACCP guidelines and that your guests really feel at home in your confectionery, coffee shop, restaurant or hotel?

Then take a look at our range, where you are guaranteed to find a flytrap tailored to your personal needs. Are you still looking for the right flytrap? Then read our article on: “5 fly traps perfect for indoor use: gastronomy, hotel, café” for more details.

Whether you opt for the adhesive trap presented here or another type of flytrap: In any case, you can be sure of maximum quality and performance when choosing one of our insect killers.