Especially in summer you will appreciate electric insect killers. With the practical helper you can enjoy beautiful summer days without uninvited guests and won’t be woken up by the annoying buzz of the pests at night.

What Attracts Flies, Wasps And Mosquitoes?

Every year during the summer months we are faced with the well-known problem: numerous insects such as flies, wasps and mosquitoes rob us of our last nerve. But what attracts the little pests?

Especially in summer, when temperatures peak, many insects are active. The little plagues are attracted by beguiling smells that emanate from food, fallen fruit, organic waste and man himself. It is not for nothing that ripe fruit attracts whole fruit fly cavalries.

Flies also have a weakness for outdoor food. If you don’t clear away leftovers immediately, you will quickly make acquaintance with the uninvited guests. Wasps also react to ripe fruit and sweet foods. At picnics, for example, it is advisable to distract the little troublemakers with a glass of sweet content. Wasps, however, are also attracted to sweet perfume. Perfumes, body lotions or body sprays with a sweet smell should be better avoided when dining out in the country.

And what attracts mosquitoes? Neither the sex nor the blood group, as many mistakenly claim. It is the smell of sweat and the air we breathe that attract mosquitoes. The same applies to perfume and other fragrances.

What Different Electrical Insect Killers Are There?

The electric insect killer frees house and apartment as electric insect killer or fly trap from annoying flying insects. You can choose the right device from three different variants:

  • electric insect killer with high voltage;
  • electric insect killer with fan;
  • electric insect killer with adhesive plates.

The classic among electric insect traps is the insect killer with power grid. It is highly effective and particularly fast against annoying flying insects. Flies, mosquitoes, wasps and the like are first attracted by the UV light of the integrated UV fluorescent tube and then taken out of action by the live steel grid.

Electric insect killers are suitable for closed rooms as well as large areas and large open spaces. The electric flypapers are of course safe for children and pets. In addition, this electric insect trap is completely free of chemicals and fragrances, which is a decisive advantage especially for sensitive people.

Insect traps with fan technology attract uninvited guests with the help of a UV lamp. If the flying insect is close enough, the suction of the fan pulls the animal into the interior of the device, the so-called insect storage area. All you have to do is empty the filled container. Battery operated devices are ideal for camping. Electric models with adhesive plates ensure that the little pests stick to the integrated adhesive surfaces. Looking for the ideal insect killer to meet your needs? Here you will find “The best insect traps in comparison”.

Which Electrical Insect Killer Is Ideal For Me?

Especially in summer you can benefit from a good electric insect killer. The electric insect exterminator will considerably increase your quality of life and effectively protect you from annoying flying insects. It is important that you have the desired area of application in mind when making your new purchase.

The area of application is decisive for which model you ultimately choose. Electric insect traps are particularly efficient and require very little effort. While chemical pest controllers can also harm the health of people in the immediate vicinity, electrical devices are a welcome alternative.

When buying a good electric insect trap, the focus is on the range of action, the quality of the fluorescent tubes, the weight and the mounting options. With the adhesive plate variant, you should bear in mind that you will have to replace the adhesive strips regularly, depending on the degree of soiling. If the adhesive plates are too dirty, the attracted animals will escape again. The high-voltage grille variant and the fan flytrap, on the other hand, can be louder in operation.

Does The Electric Insect Killer Work On Flies As Well As On Wasps And Mosquitoes?

Electric insect killers are less effective against crawling insects, but more effective against flying insects. When used correctly indoors, the risk of hitting useful insects such as bees is very low.

With professional flycatchers, you can survive the warm summer evenings without itchy stings. However, mosquitoes are a minor exception. Since the plague spirits are attracted less by light than by body odors and breath, electric fly traps snap at mosquitoes less efficiently than at flies and wasps.

What Are The Costs For A High-quality And Above All Functioning Insect Killer?

In addition to the brand, the size of the new insect trap determines the price. The size of the electric flytrap in turn defines the range of action. In other words, you need a different electric insect trap for smaller areas than for warehouses or restaurants. High-quality and above all efficient devices naturally have their price. You get a highly effective electric insect killer from 75 euros in the online shop and enjoy many beautiful summer months without annoying pests.