Electric fly trap – this summer effectively fight the fly plague!

The electric flytrap as an investment you will not regret: The warm season is approaching and with it the prospect of parties, barbecues and mild summer evenings. If it weren’t for the annoying flies that not only rob you of your night’s rest, but also prove to be a real plague during the day.

So take effective pest control precautions in good time so you can enjoy the sun, warmth and nature this summer!

What Attracts Annoying Flies?

First of all we would like to point out the small but subtle difference between flies, fruit flies and blow flies. As the name suggests, the small fruit flies are mainly attracted by stored fruit and vegetables. Accordingly, this is a phenomenon that can also occur when the outside temperature is cooler.

But blowflies are not only bigger but also more annoying and unhygienic. While the small fruit flies usually circulate only around the fruit, their humming relatives seem to have been anxious to get on the nerves of their involuntary hosts. Accordingly, the big buzzers do not only settle on objects, but also on humans and animals. All attempts to shake them off seem in vain.

Numerous studies have shown that blowflies can also transmit diseases. This can be attributed to the fact that they are not limited to food and drink, but also to excrements such as excrement. Especially in the kitchen at home as well as in the gastronomy it is important to eliminate blowflies as fast as possible in order to meet the demand of maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Pest control is therefore a top priority.

How Can Flies Be Successfully Dispelled?

If you simply want to keep the flies or uninvited guests at a distance, then the so-called spray technique has proven itself. Non-toxic fragrances are used to create a barrier between the annoying flies or other pests, including mosquitoes, wasps and gnats, and the food to be protected. This is undoubtedly one of the gentler methods, which does not promise a final solution, but can keep the fly plague under control for a short time.

The sprays, fragrance sprays or atomizers can be refilled as needed and are therefore intended for long-term use.

These methods are not only suitable for flies. 2018 was the year of wasps, partly aggressive wasps. Were you also disturbed by a plague of wasps and are still looking for effective protection this summer? Then you should consider our insect killers for pest control.

Get Rid Of Flies For Good With An Electric Fly Trap

Electric fly traps and glue traps – If you opt for the more radical method, the so-called glue trap should be mentioned first as a classic among insect killers. The principle is very simple. With a combination of attractants such as scents, baits or UV light and a strong adhesive that kills the insects at the slightest touch, you will quickly put an end to the summer fly plague. This combination is extremely effective in pest control.

A contemporary way to free yourself from unwelcome guests is undoubtedly to use electrical insect killers. One example is the combination of UV light as an attractant and a live steel grid that immediately destroys the flies.

What Types Of Electric Fly Traps Are There?

Electric fly traps can be purchased in a variety of sizes and designs. Depending on the model, they can be placed on a cabinet or table or attached to the wall. There are also products that hang from the ceiling.

The electrical insect killers include the variants already mentioned, including the electrical flytrap with high voltage and the electrical flytrap with adhesive plates.

The electric flytrap with suction power is also very popular. This option makes use of the powerful combination of UV lamps and fan. The latter ensures that the insects that get caught in its suction can no longer escape. In the more modern version, the insects are attracted by the UV lamps, sucked in by the suction mechanism and immediately destroyed by an electric shock.

Which Is The Most Suitable Electric Flytrap For My Needs?

Depending on the location, different models are recommended for pest control.

In gastronomy, for example, only HACCP insect killers should be used. These have been developed according to the HACCP guidelines and therefore meet a high standard of hygiene and health.

The electric flytrap with power grid can be used indoors as well as over large areas and in large open rooms.

An electric flytrap with fan is also available as a battery-operated model, which is able to keep away humming and stinging pests during camping holidays and other activities.