Windows 10 Will Provide Access to Your Phone Windows 10 new feature has been introduced last July. In the upcoming Win 10 update, you'll also be granted almost full control over your mobile device from the PC. Naughty notifications Your Phone app allows viewing notifications that you receive on your phone. This way you won't have... Continue reading Use Chrome on iPhone Easily Google Chrome, one of the best browsers with convenient functionality and stable running, is available for the iPhone. It is considered to be the best alternative to any other browsers for a range of reasons. Firstly, it has a stunning user interface and syncs data across various devices almost imme... Continue reading Work Desk and Productivity I strongly believe that an ergonomic office is a part of success in any business. And a well-arranged work desk is a feel-good factor. Even more so, the statistics indicate that almost 80% of people have a desk job and spend all their day long at a table. If you’re one of them, it is vital to... Continue reading Find Your Motivation It is awful when you are not involved in the working process and suffer from a lack of motivation. It does not matter when exactly the excitement disappears, but it happens rather often, and that, of course, reduces productivity. But what is more important: it ruins our mood and our health. There ar... Continue reading POD as a Simple Way to Get Rid of Procrastination Productivity is essential in any business and activity. The statistic proves that an average person is distracted during the first 11 minutes into a task, and it takes her about 25 minutes to restart. That is too much. If you face such problem and cannot improve your efficiency, you can apply Quicks... Continue reading Better Solution for an Open Space I understand that open space in an office is a convenient plan for the premises when every meter matters. This format provides nice conditions for fast communication and interaction between employees. But for me, it is not convenient when you need it to be quiet and private. You get distracted becau... Continue reading iOS 13 and iPadOS: Download to Try As for me, I’m not fond of beta versions made for testing. Though it can be rather interesting to find yourself among a limited number of users who are the first ones to try the software before its final release. This contribution can be compared with a researcher’s conclusion important... Continue reading Wallet vs. Spendee. Which to Trust Your Budget With? Mobile budget trackers are popular now: money is a resource, and it’s not to be wasted. And tracking your expenses with a mobile device is easier than it seems, because you can type in each shopping séance with all the details, record all the incomes, and get your stats generated any mi... Continue reading The Right Music Will Inspire You with the New Streaming Service It’s no secret that most of us love working to the music. But it inevitably distracts us from the body of work, especially if you really like it. People search for ways to avoid it: some prefer music so familiar that it goes unnoticed, some prefer instrumental music or vocal in unfamiliar lang... Continue reading More Better Emoji for iPhone: the Best Emoji Apps It’s truly wonderful how the idea of emoji changes the way we communicate. Created to express emotions that we all share around the globe, these smiling or sad little faces started the wave of picturizing anything that can be drawn. Dishware and food, flowers and gestures, transport and countr... Continue reading Five Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve More The sand of time is one of the most poetic and the saddest metaphors ever. We think we’re sifting the moments of golden inspiration, but the sand slips through our fingers, and so much is left undone. Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, if we resist some of the strongest temptations of the working d... Continue reading Facebook Turns Away from Huawei. Oy Vey? The sanctions by Trump administration upon Hussein resulted in consequential moves by American companies. One of the most thunderous was the Facebook statement that the company will not provide its app to Huawei anymore. Let’s not panic and see what it means for the consumers. Facebook and... Continue reading