8 Idyllic Gardens to Relax in Games While playing is acting, not every game should be action. Probably that’s why any big non-shooting game attracts such attention; arcades, puzzles, runners and quests are the endangered species of AAA, but there still are some. And the best location for recovering your soul after all the troubl... Continue reading Top 12 Apps To Stay Relaxed And Productive Studying, getting ready for tests, projects, and other college routine take a lot of time and reduce your mindfulness. Therefore, if you won't balance your time the right way, unfortunately, you might end up in constant energy losing routine. That's why I came up with such an ingenious li... Continue reading Use These Google Templates To Increase Your Productivity Freelancers or small business owners always have an endless list of things to do all the time. In this case, Google Docs templates can be helpful in almost any workflow. Regardless you need to create a business budget plan, or maybe you just need a place for simple calculations. In any case, a templ... Continue reading The 8 Improvements A New iPhone 11 Needs Traditionally, Apple presents a new smartphone in early autumn, and the iPhone 11 is expected to be released on Apple Event (September 10). Though there are a lot of rumors and expert predictions walking around the Internet, I'd like to offer eight features that will definitely make me buy a new... Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Android 10 Recently, Google has released the first stable update for Android 10. The software has not received the traditional ‘dessert; name, and so far is only available for Pixel smartphones. Android 10 also contains over 50 security and privacy improvements that will benefit not only users but als... Continue reading Which Day Is The Most Productive Of The Week? Many people notice how their productivity changes throughout the workweek. On some days it's better to complete important projects, on others — to finish small things, and, of course, there are days, when you don't want to plan anything. A recent survey on the Canadian office workers h... Continue reading Collaborative Messenger: Why You Should Abandon It? If you are a manager, it is especially important for you to make the whole team work as one organism. Collaborative messengers or chats came to the world of modern business to increase productivity and become the main tool for collaboration in companies around the world. Services like Teams, Slack,... Continue reading 13 Power Tricks For Notion That Change Life Notion is a new sensational productivity app for Mac and Windows. It's taking the market by storm with its clever approach: each note you take is broken down into short blocks. Therefore you have more freedom and mobility whenever organizing your to-dos, bucket lists, ideas,.and schedules. And I... Continue reading How To Know When Your Energy Hits The Top? Your energy fluctuates throughout the day. When it's at its peak — take the hardest and most challenging stuff. When it goes down — switch to something easier, have a snack or kick back a little, watching Bojack Horseman. And these 3 guaranteed ways to calculate the time for the ener... Continue reading Top 5 Apps For Outsourcing Boring Chores Being a responsible adult is very little fun sometimes. There's so much to take care of in your household. And yet so little time to live the life for yourself! To fight this injustice and win time for a Stranger Things marathon, late night beach walks or a Fantasy Football tournament, I've... Continue reading Microsoft Word Is A Billionaire Now MS Word for Android has reached a 1 billion download mark this summer. The software giant's other Android apps are doing pretty good as well. Revenge of the Word In his recent interview at Village Global, Bill Gates complained that he missed a tremendous opportunity to take over the mobile... Continue reading Will Neuralink Let You Control iPhone Telepathically? Elon Musk's new startup will let users control their gadgets with brain impulses. Connected via a special interface, your mind and mobile devices will work as one. Is it really possible? And what could be achieved with that? On July 17th, 2019, Elon Musk announced his Neuralink company's... Continue reading