Work Desk and Productivity

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-07-17

I strongly believe that an ergonomic office is a part of success in any business. And a well-arranged work desk is a feel-good factor. Even more so, the statistics indicate that almost 80% of people have a desk job and spend all their day long at a table. If you’re one of them, it is vital to arrange your working place in the best way to have all that you need within easy reach and to boost your productivity. I have investigated this subject a little bit and can suggest some rules which will increase your efficiency. Or rather there’s just one – on your desk there should be the most essential items. Not in addition to the others which clutter up the surroundings, but the only five things besides a couple of tools connected with your particular profession or current activity like a computer.

Essential desk stuff

1. Pens, pencils, paper

Paper and pencil picture

Even if you do not write a lot, there is always a need in these things just because you can make a note or reminder, and there should not be any difficulties in performing such a simple task. Moreover, you’d better care to have a couple of pens with various ink colors. And if you are surrounded by colleagues, you can be sure that someone will ask you for a pen and forget to return it. That is why you are highly recommended to keep a reserved set in a drawer in case of an urgent need. These tools may seem useless in the modern business environment filled with digital and mobile devices, at first sight. Still, they are always needed. Just trust me. And you will never find it right at the moment when you are expected to put something very important down.

As to office paper, its use is much wider for the direct and secondary purpose. You can take a sheet to make a note or use it as a table-napkin to set a cup. Of course, it is good to have sticky notes for they are more flexible and take less space.

2. Headphones

Headphones picture

This one can be less important if you do not need silence and are not involved in listening to video and audio content. But in open space, this equipment will help to create your own space isolated from noise. You can listen to music, if it is allowed in your office and be emerged in the task completing. This is an irreplaceable tool for interaction when you take part in video conferences or training programs. Such distant communication allows you to save working time and headphones enable you to keep the office silence during talks.

3. Phone Charger

Phone Charger picture

This is a must-have. Taking into account our dependence on mobile gadgets, it is impossible to be left without access to your tool with all contacts, photos, files, useful apps. Though a computer with an Internet connection can replace it in some cases, still you’d better have your smartphone fully charged if you have to leave the office rapidly. Various emergencies can happen. Even if your company restricts the usage of mobile phones in the office for private purposes, still it is better to have it nearby ready for a call.

4. Personal Touches

Family picture

Yes! As for me, they do not distract from work, but help us to get the energy we need and to feel comfortable with things pleasing eyes. It can be a picture of your dear family or some cute souvenir like a stress ball. Find some motivational quote and place it in front of you. Or it can be functional objects, like a designer lamp or a beautiful calendar. You can demonstrate your certificates and awards. Still, do not forget that this is a working place which should not be decorated and cluttered too much. Just choose the one thing of the above mentioned, and that will be enough to present your personality.

5. Some snacks

Chocolate picture

It will be good to put a couple of snacks into your drawer to save your working time when you can break for a short pause and have a quick meal, like apples, nuts or a bar of chocolate. It will give a needed nutritional boost without long interruption for leaving your desk to make a cup of coffee or bite in the nearest café. Remember that unsatisfied hunger is not only a distracting factor but also a reason for the decline in your health. And in the office it usually strikes just at the moment when you have a lot of things to do in an extra hurry. It goes without saying that food should be kept properly packed or in a tight container.

Commonly used work essentials

The above things are not the only ones for you to have on a work desk, but they are significant to feel comfortable and stay efficient under various circumstances. Desk stuff should make you more productive. When you have all you need within a reach, you improve your time management. It is important to avoid the cluttered table. Just imagine the situation when your boss asks some important document urgently, and you cannot locate it due to that mass of things on your work desk. Be well-organized and do not forget about essential tasks keeping the notes within your sight on the orderly desk. Remember, the neat work desk with a few needed essentials has a professional appearance.

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