Use Chrome on iPhone Easily

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2019-07-25

Google Chrome, one of the best browsers with convenient functionality and stable running, is available for the iPhone. It is considered to be the best alternative to any other browsers for a range of reasons. Firstly, it has a stunning user interface and syncs data across various devices almost immediately. You will be surprised at how easy it is to control this browser applying just a small set of touch gestures which will improve your experience. Although, I have to admit that Android devices can boast of more extensive capabilities. Well, I’ve got an Apple smartphone and feel happy about it.

You should agree that in-app gestures are easy to perform, and their effect is rather significant. Though there are customers and experts, criticizing gestural controls as being unnecessary. Perhaps, such an attitude was typical in the past, when gestures were still unstable. But now they are so intuitive that we don’t even think of how to perform them. If several years ago, we only had several basic movements: tapping and swiping mostly, now there are many more combinations including long pressing, double touching, and so on. New forms continue to appear and satisfy users.

We may not know every single gesture by name, but we all spend a minimal amount of time figuring out and adopting them. Take efforts to master the duration of pressing and accurate targeting. If it is too much, you can turn them off and use the tapping instead. Still, if the system is responsive, you better benefit from such a perfect possibility to be efficient and modern. Let’s consider those gestures together.

Enhance your experience

Google Chrome app screenshot

Probably the most often used gesture is to work with tabs. You can open a new one, close it and reload with simple swiping. To open a new tab or close the current tab respectively, you can drag your figure to the left or right and release. It is simple, without any doubt and allows one-handed usage.

Now you can access the menu almost effortlessly. Usually, you use the Chrome menu quite often. It is enough to make just a couple of moves to get access to your recent tabs, bookmarks, browser settings, and more. You should tap on an icon to open the Chrome menu, then select the item you need with another tap. Now, you can refuse those two steps: tap one longer tap on Chrome menu and slide to any option you will find there. It should be a single seamless gesture. Perhaps, it will take several attempts to master it, but, indeed, it is not complicated. Release your finger on the right option and get what you want.

In this browser, at the bottom of the screen, you will find Back and Forward navigation keys which are very comfortable for single-handed usage. But you can replace them with touch gestures. To return to the place you came from, you should swipe to the right from the left. Respectively you can move forward swiping to the left from the right.

Google Chrome app screenshot

There are a lot of reasons for viewing tab history. If you do not want to look it through page by page, you can make a long-pressing as well as a light 3D Touch on a Back icon and get to the tab’s history immediately. You can repeat the same action with the Forward icon and get a correspondent list of pages displayed on your screen. To choose one item, you should drag your finger just like you do with the Chrome menu and avoid tapping twice.

Here you can benefit from an integrated Voice Search which provides a wide functionality. Thus if you are tired of typing to find something with Chrome, apply this option. Voice Search has a handy built-in QR scanner which is activated with simple tapping. You can access both Voice Search and QR scanner via the onscreen keyboard appearing after you tap on the Search icon. If you long-press this button, swipe up, stop on your choice and release your finger, the selected option will be activated.

If you need to see a list of open tabs, you are offered to work with the Tab Switcher icon. If you long-press it, swipe your finger up, stop on your choice and release, you will get the selected option to perform. You will find this way a little bit faster than the Chrome menu where you are expected to open a new Incognito tab or a new tab.

When you are going to switch tabs, use the tab switcher screen, although this is not the most convenient method. Instead, you can swipe the URL bar to the right or to the left to move backward or forward looking through the list of tabs you have opened.

To benefit from the above options connected with tabs, you’d better take some efforts to arrange them properly. Thus, you will be able to apply the tab switching gesture easily. You are suggested to do it with gestures. Go to the tab switcher, tap a tab, and hold it until it is activated, now it is high time to drag it in the place you suppose it should be.

Google Chrome app screenshot

You can get to a recent tab or Incognito tab simply by swiping to the left or the right from any place you are at the moment. And finally, I want to tell you how to view the videos in full screen. You should pinch out the video with your fingers and get in full-screen mode immediately. Swipe down to leave this mode.

Wrapping up

Touch gesture controls for mobile interfaces are very popular. They are convenient, taking into consideration how users hold their phones. If you do not use them, just try, and you will understand the difference. In fact, this is a question of usability of your mobile device. You can be too busy to make several moves spending more time on a simple option, while some gestures can make the process much faster and convenient.

The above-suggested gestures are not complicated at all, but even from this text, you understand that they are pretty much useful. They can help to enhance your browsing experience in Chrome. And that is not all. Google will never stop offering new features and facilitating usage even more. It is good that you can choose between gestures and more old-fashioned ways.

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