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  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-07-10

It is awful when you are not involved in the working process and suffer from a lack of motivation. It does not matter when exactly the excitement disappears, but it happens rather often, and that, of course, reduces productivity. But what is more important: it ruins our mood and our health. There are different reasons for this indifference. It can be disaffection with the work when you think that you are so skilled and smart while the company does not see your true value. It can be personal frustrations connected with a human factor or any other.

Psychologists say that people feel comfortable when they are confident in their future, and that is possible when everything around is clear and repetitive. However, when every new day repeats the previous ones, stagnation starts. And that is an endless circle. In this article I do not want to discover the reasons for such frustrations and the ways to solve those problems. I am going to speak about the ways you can boost your motivation to evade them.

Motivate yourself

What is the motivation? I would start with the definition. This is your desire to succeed in completing a task at work, improve your efforts to achieve the goals both your personal and company’s ones. Why is it important? When you are interested in the result, you work better, put out everything you have in your tank, and improve the company’s productivity. If you have value for the organization, you get a promotion and better conditions including a larger salary. It is interesting why people do what they do, why they are involved to a higher extent becoming more successful problem solvers, more creative and focused. Of course, this is a subject for the company to learn and suggest the conditions and rewards which can catch the interests of the employees. But what should we do if we have lost the excitement and sense of agency? Here I describe some items.

Facilitation of collaboration

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As far as our mood is greatly dependent on communication, it will be wise to start with the facilitation of collaboration. When you are isolated from your colleagues with walls and doors, spending all your time on completing tasks and sitting in front of a computer, you display no team spirit. Of course, we have to apply our undertakings and do things we are responsible for, but in this case, you get out of line and lose sight of the common mission. To confront those limits, you should not stay alone. Communicate with your co-workers not only within the context of work but participate in corporate events and join them for short breaks. In order to provide an increase in creativity, top managers often rearrange teams to provide conditions for fruitful collaboration. Search for opportunities to remain a regular collaborator in the future.

Conduct some research

The unmotivated mood is often connected with doubts in our own competency. When you get a new particular task and hesitate, having no fruitful ideas on how it should be done, do not despair and conduct some research. Find a specialist who knows the subject well enough and agrees to share their experience with you. Or just repeat experts actions, follow their recommendations, and you will become engaged with more satisfaction and motivation in the process. Attend lectures, seminars, or events dedicated to the subject.

Such training is able to contribute a lot to your work and fill you with inspiration. And you are not to do it all alone. If it is appropriate, you can invite your colleagues and arrange the event for the whole team. Such a common activity will break the routine and provide you with new possibilities.

Read about motivation

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In addition, you can read about motivation. Find out the literature dedicated to the subject and try to find new ideas in them. Learn views of experts and authors. The solution can be very plain to see. It is useful to read about famous personalities and corporations sharing their similar experience.

Ask for feedback and figure out the perspectives

When you feel that you are undervalued and that causes frustration, do not just ponder on this injustice, but go to your director and ask for feedback. Ask whether you perform well, and if you do, figure out the perspectives. Remember that such a conversation should be of a constructive nature without claims and ultimatums. Thus, you will be able to establish your new objectives to concentrate on and break your routine. It is important to develop professionally. That is why your attempt to change the current level of competency and to expand your knowledge will be very natural and sound.

Work as a tool for making your future better

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Do not think of the work that it is hard. Every task should be exciting for you. Take it as a tool for making yourself and your future better. Think about proudness, you will feel when you succeed. You can set small goals which will be achieved step by step, and then you will get many small victories and feel the progress. Don’t care about the things which don’t matter, save your mental energy, and keep focused on the key issues.

Finally, do think whether you have a complete life rich in various emotions and interests aside from your duties. It is so easy to burn out if you spend all your time in the office and narrow your interests down to your work. Even the most perfect challenges can make a person grow bored. You should care about your family, think of your wardrobe, furnish your home, travel, have any other hobbies. Besides, happy personal life will improve your motivation.

Up-and-down motivation

HR specialists and other related professionals develop various ways to boost motivation and then apply those models in practice. Of course, the first thing they consider is the needs of employees and goals of the organization. They try to set targets which will concern everybody showing that contribution of each employee matters. There is an expectancy theory allowing to understand what exactly a person expects of their work and to find the best motivation. They apply extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. You can count on your company to help you to stay motivated because it benefits from your productivity. But still, there are moments which are too personal, and if you continue to stay indifferent, they can influence your reputation. That is why it is vital to take the situation into your own hands and boost your motivation by one of the above-mentioned methods or any other you can find.

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