13 Power Tricks For Notion That Change Life

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-08-21

Notion is a new sensational productivity app for Mac and Windows. It's taking the market by storm with its clever approach: each note you take is broken down into short blocks. Therefore you have more freedom and mobility whenever organizing your to-dos, bucket lists, ideas,.and schedules. And I'll share with you 13 Power Tricks for Notion that will make you a raging bull at productivity.


1. Relax and take notes

Notion app screenshots

To get the best from Notion, you'll need to have it installed on your desktop. Once it's set and ready to go, create a new note:

  • Mac: Cmd + N.
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N or Cmd + Shift + N.

These two simple combinations will let you save time, avoiding excessive mouse-clicking. Moreover, it will help you handle multiple projects in Notion with ease and grace.

2. The Prince of Darkness

Night mode is a hot burning trend at the moment. It lets your monitor consume less electricity and relieves the stress your eyes get from too much brightness. Which is good for both your wallet and health. Of course, you can apply either native dark modes that Win and Mac have.

But some desktop apps have their own Night setting. And so does Notion:

  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + L.
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L.

Press these magical button combos and enjoy smoother, darker tones. Your eyes and electricity bills will be thankful for getting less pressure.

3. Commentaries

Notion strives to be one of the best apps for collaboration. In case you work as part of a team on some collective project, you can leave comments and notes to propose new ideas, better solutions, or criticize praise somebody's input. Use these shortcuts:

  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + M.
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + M.

Besides, it's super easy to keep an eye on changes made. Every suggestion will be shown at the end of each block you decided to comment.

4. Customization monster tool

In some notes, you might need more than plain text. A bullet list, headline, page enumeration, code to name a few. With Notion, you can add them instantly with a minimal effort. Simply type /turn at the beginning or end of a block in question and your biz. The command works equally fine on Mac and Win.

5. Coder's paradise

Web or software developers will appreciate Notion as well. The thing is you can turn every given note into a piece of solid PL-code. Select the text you need and press:

  • Mac: Cmd + E.
  • Windows: Ctrl + E.

It takes merely a few seconds. But your workflow will tremendously speed up!

6. Bring some color

Additionally, notes can be colorized. At the end of the block you want to paint type /Color. Or you can directly set the tonality you desire: /Purple, /Yellow, /Green, etc. the command is the same for both platforms. Plus it will allow you to color-code your notes, according to their importance. E.g., /Red can mark the most important and urgent things.

7. Say goodbye to Trello

Notion app screenshots

As a collab-tool, Notion will help you stay updated on the progress of your projects. Monitor it from the app's board view. To update the status of the project cards, use these combos:

  • Mac: Cmd + /.
  • Windows: Ctrl + /.

8. Reminders

Notion does a decent job as a task manager as well. Let's say its September 12th today. And you need to hand in the financial reports by November 17th. To avoid cluttering your memory or your desk with sticky notes, do this:

  • type /reminder at the end of a block;
  • add a date;
  • a link will be generated — click it;
  • set the time for the reminder to go off.

No important thing will be forgotten or missed.

9. Wanna have a date?

just like Tinder, Notion can help solve your dating problems. To keep timetable of a certain note intact:

  • type /date;
  • add a day: today, tomorrow and so on;
  • or set a precise date: October 24th, June 2d, etc.

This will help you sculpt the timeline of a project and keep its milestones chronicled.

10. Create a database

Notion app screenshots

Similarly to Trello, you can create cards in this app. And also use the integrated calendar. First gather all the notes, lists, records, charts, and so forth. Then organize them into a database page. To do that on both Windows and MacOS use these commands:

  • /calendar — inline to add a calendar;
  • /board — adds a Kanban-like board to the database page;
  • /table — adds a table.

11. How about media?

Your Notion notes, task lists, and knowledge bases can be illustrated with various media files. A project note can have a PowerPoint presentation attached to it, PDF report, a variety of JPEG pics used as illustrations, and so forth. Even audio files can be added, especially if you need voice memos.

On Windows and MacOS type at the beginning of a note:

  • /Image — to add a picture;
  • /pdf;
  • /video;
  • /book;
  • /button;
  • /file etc.

12. Math problems

For the brainiacs and rocket scientists who have to crunch numbers all the time, Notion has a little extra option. You can add any equation or advanced mathematical symbols. Type /math on Win/Mac and finish your brainy work.

13. Did you call me?

When collaborating, you can attract the attention of a colleague or mention them to give credit, assign a task, and so on. First type @ and then add the name of the person in question. Like @Mike or @Jennifer. Additionally, you can use that trick to mention a page, date etc.

Notion Nation

Notion is a powerful, yet simple tool with a clean and attractive GUI. It seems to absorb the best functions of the top productivity apps. It can replace Trello, Evernote, and other similar utilities so you don't have to use too many apps. But again it's up to you to decide if putting all eggs in one digital basket is worth it.

What do you think of Notion? Let us know in the comments!

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