You Can Finally Mute Android Auto Notifications

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-02-02

Android Auto is designed to make the driving experience more convenient. However, the previous versions of the service were quite distractive because of notifications. It was impossible to turn off the sound! At last, Google fixed it, and now you can mute notifications to focus on the road. Another great news is that notifications won’t turn the volume down when your favorite track is on. 

The feature has already been tested in the Android Auto Beta and highly evaluated by testers. Now you can update to the latest version and mute all notification sounds. To access the new feature, go to the settings, and enable the “no sound from notifications” option. They will continue to pop up on display, but won’t interrupt the music and distract you from driving anymore. If the pop-ups distract you too, you can disable group and message notifications in settings as well. 

Although the update is small, it improves the user experience dramatically. Now Android Auto is a much less distractive driving companion. Have you already received the patch? Tell us how do you like it in the comments and share the news so that your friends could update their notifications too.

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