Which Day Is The Most Productive Of The Week?

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-08-27

Many people notice how their productivity changes throughout the workweek. On some days it's better to complete important projects, on others — to finish small things, and, of course, there are days, when you don't want to plan anything. A recent survey on the Canadian office workers has shown which day of the week is the most productive one. The online poll was done in April using four hundred randomly selected full and part-time Canadian office workers.

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The Week Starts On Tuesday

It is believed that Monday is a day when you only step into the workweek, then Tuesday is its real beginning.

"It's not surprising that Monday is seen as a "seasoning" for the weekend, says Robert Max, the International expert. "That's why business meetings are usually planned on Monday, delaying the implementation of important tasks and making important decisions on Tuesday."

The 35 percent of survey respondents of the survey carried on behalf of the Accountemps company staff say their productivity peaks on Tuesdays. Another 25% goes to Monday.

Wednesdays also got 18 percent, followed by Thursdays at 12 percent and Friday with only 10 percent of votes.

"The results make sense, considering that employees start the week relaxed and refreshed from the weekend", said Mike Shekhtman, regional vice-president for the B.C. division of Robert Half, the parent company of Accountemps.

And it's totally fair. Our minds supposed to deal with difficult things first so that we can have more time for ourselves later. "On Friday they're starting to think about the weekend, and they're almost checking out. It's hard to maintain that focus.", says Shekhtman. Friday is always a day for happiness.

"I have nothing against happiness," says Nick Tasler, a famous American psychologist. "But when we strive for happiness, we often neglect inspiration. Dreaming about the upcoming Friday, you can miss the benefits of Tuesday."

According to Tasler, Tuesday is the day about which we most often forget. There are no noisy parties and romantic meetings on Tuesdays, but instead, you burry yourself into the workflow and solve a bunch of tasks, which leads your productivity to rising.

Indeed, according to specialists, Tuesday is the best day to work when Monday's fears and doubts are over, and the depressive environment has not caught you yet. The letters and messages accumulated from the end of the week have already been sorted out, and people move on to the most difficult things.

Can you be more quiet, please?

The survey has also covered some productivity conditions.

It has also been claimed by the surveyed workers that working in a noisy office also affects productivity. Despite some of you can disagree, because we're mostly used to work listening to music, the absence of any distracting sound makes you more focused on the work.

The other thing that affects your productivity is the time when you start your working day. The majority of respondents stated that their productivity hits its peak at the start of the day. The respondents have also divided into two groups: 41 percent prefer early morning and 31 percent late morning. Apart from this, only 14 percent discovered their best time in the early afternoon, followed by 9 percent who state the late afternoon as their productivity top time.

Toronto–based productivity expert Clare Kumar suggests these observations as little hints for people, who want to raise their productivity and plan their workweeks perfectly.

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