The Release Date of Ark Genesis DLC PostponedThe Release Date of Ark Genesis DLC Postponed

  • Greg Burn
  • 2020-01-26

Ark Survival Evolved Genesis from Studio Wildcard is a much-awaited DLC. It was expected in January 2020. However, the new post from developers canceled previous plans. But don’t worry, the Ark Genesis will still be released, just a little bit later. It is a month late. Instead of January, players will receive it on February 25. It will be revealed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The message was sent by Jesse Rapczak and Jeremy Stieglitz, the co-founders of Wildcard. They announced the delay and apologized for taking an extra month to publish the game. Developers explained such a decision by the need to polish and put final pieces of the game together. The post mentions the increased quality of the game and amazing new expansion.

Valentine’s Day Specials

And while we all are sad about this delay, we still can’t wait to see the new game. Developers have some pleasant surprises as well. Ark Survival Evolved hosts Valentine’s Day special event with new cosmetics, five new Chibis as collectibles. The official date is yet to be announced.

The game is definitely worth waiting, don’t you think? Tell us whether you are planning to play it in February? Why do you want to play the game?

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