Microsoft Word Is A Billionaire Now

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2019-08-03

MS Word for Android has reached a 1 billion download mark this summer. The software giant's other Android apps are doing pretty good as well.

Revenge of the Word

In his recent interview at Village Global, Bill Gates complained that he missed a tremendous opportunity to take over the mobile market. To quote him, it was his "greatest mistake ever." And therefore his biggest regret.

Maybe it's too late for Microsoft to win this battle. The corporation from Redmond could not even hold its niche with Windows Mobile, discontinuing the smartphone OS support. However, the mobile versions of its ever popular products — PowerPoint, OneDrive, Excel, and OneNote are doing pretty well. Every single one of those has 500 million downloads.

However, the true star of the evening is MS Word. The world's biggest text editor has won the 1 Billion Downloads trophy last July. Apparently, it does a good job since its rating won't go lower than 4,5 stars on Google Play. Recently, the company has also released Microsoft 2019 for PC. The newest version has integrated AI and night mode.

Try it for yourself

MS Word for Android is a powerful text editor. It has almost the same functionality as its PC analogue, rich formatting features and provides impressive tools for project collaboration.

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