iOS 13 and iPadOS: Download to Try

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2019-06-30

As for me, I’m not fond of beta versions made for testing. Though it can be rather interesting to find yourself among a limited number of users who are the first ones to try the software before its final release. This contribution can be compared with a researcher’s conclusion important for the future. But still, there can be bugs with such versions causing loss of vital information and waste of time. Again, if you want to be the first to know details about a new product, you should do it. It is for you to decide, of course.

After some hesitation, I have tried beta release of iOS 13 and iPadOS partially because this is a part of my job. Now I am ready to tell you some news. I affirm that you can be sure that this operating system will speed up your iPhone, protecting it to the highest extent. And as the developer has promised, the pleasing Dark Mode is available. There are a lot of features which I hope will be transferred to the final version coming this fall. They all are really cool.

What should you do to try it?

It is clear that you have to find this OS to download it and use a long list of new features which make me personally excited immediately after the presentation. Just imagine! We will get improved performance with much wider possibilities, much faster completion of tasks. It is easier to select and apply a Wi-Fi network without going to Settings every time. Just do it from Control Center. The photo editor gets a fresh look and new tools including those which edit your pictures and videos, allow to arrange files and find the needed ones in no time. Here you will enjoy a new swipe keyboard and a lot of hidden features.iOS 13 screenshotsIf you use AirPods, there are surprises for you too. It is possible to listen to the same audio with another user of AirPods simultaneously. These wireless earbuds allow you to be informed of the messages by Siri at once after they are received. In general, your personal assistant becomes much smarter and smoother compared with the previous version. Now you can find it right in the OS without the need in downloading. Also, CarPlay is updated with a new dashboard and a nice map. Another interesting update is swiping keyboard for fast typing. And these are not all features available. To find out more about privacy options, improved Apple Maps and other updates, you should download the beta software. But mind that it is not finished yet, that is why you will have to replace it this autumn.

Now I suggest the following steps of downloading. Go to Apple’s Beta Software Program on your device and sign in with your Apple ID. You will find iOS and iPadOS, choose the product you need and pick it. Follow the instructions on the screen, create a backup, download the beta profile, and install it. Now go to the Settings app on your device and you will see your name. You should tap the profile and approve the installation. Now you are expected to reboot the device. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. You will find here iOS 13 which can be easily downloaded and installed.

I want to warn you that it is not so easy to go back to your old official version if beta release is not satisfying. The point is that you are not able to restore from a backup created when you install iOS 13 on your device. If you want to keep the initial backup of your device, just make its copy before installing the beta using iTunes, for instance.

Beta is not perfect

I hope you understand the peculiarities of a beta version. It is not absolutely smooth, crashes are possible, the battery will be discharged much faster, and so on. Still, if you want to try iOS 13 and participate in this testing process providing Apple with your feedback, you can download it and enjoy new fonts for emails, adjustable reminders, fresh gallery view for notes, a Portrait Mode of the camera, customized Memoji avatars, and more. I would say that after fixing all bugs revealed during testing, it will be a rather successful easy-to-use operating system with the reliable protection of private data.

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