Fate Of The Galaxy Shares New Trailer

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-01-25

This is the first gameplay trailer form Fate of the Galaxy game. The FotG developers have recently announced that the space combat from the first-person perspective, Fate of the Galaxy, is coming. The action takes place in the Star Wars Universe. Developers promise that the new game will contain space battles from the Original Star Wars Trilogy. To heat up users’ curiosity, they released the teaser trailer of Fate of the Galaxy gameplay.

What Is the Fate of the Galaxy?

The Fate of the Galaxy is a space battle and adventure that happens in Star Wars Universe. The game is the multiplayer and single-player conversion of the FreeSpace 2 SCP engine. There will be no recreation of previous experience of LucasArts X-Wing Space Simulation. The game follows the Original Trilogy path. Developers assured users that they are doing everything possible to recreate the atmosphere of space battles from the movies.

Indeed, the trailer looks great. The soundtrack is really atmospheric, and ships are accurate. The team is not done with the game yet, but they aim for the complete realism of the battle scenes. If you have not checked out the video yet, you have to do it. Share your impressions of the trailer in the comments below.

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