Facebook Turns Away from Huawei. Oy Vey?

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-06-09

The sanctions by Trump administration upon Hussein resulted in consequential moves by American companies. One of the most thunderous was the Facebook statement that the company will not provide its app to Huawei anymore. Let’s not panic and see what it means for the consumers.

Facebook and Instagram Are Alive

using a facebook

The keyword is “preinstalled”. In fact, that only means that Huawei phones will not have Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp (or whatever apps Facebook owns) right out of the box. But what happens after the phone is bought (and thus alienated) isn’t subject to the norms.

So here are the key points:

  • If you have Facebook or Instagram on your phone, it won’t be removed. Your authentication or credentials are also safe.
  • If you buy a new Huawei phone, manufactured after this statement, it won’t have any Facebook apps onboard when you unpack it. But you still can install them from Google Play (or another source) and use them as you did before.
  • If Facebook detects that you use a Huawei phone (it certainly does collect this sort of data), you will not be banned or restricted.

So what’s the reason of all these sanctions? The most logical explanation is that Facebook just doesn’t want its trademarks available to Huawei, so the Chinese brand can’t use them in its commercials and thus demonstrate its relations with an American company. The rest will go its usual way.

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