Coronavirus Started The Biggest Remote Work Experiment

  • Greg Burn
  • 2020-02-03

Dreaming about working from home? It’s high time to do so to minimize the risk of being infected by the coronavirus. While public establishments are becoming more and more deserted or even shut down, office-based businesses search for virtual solutions to protect their employees and remain productive. 

Alvin Foo of Shanghai’s Reprise Digital ad agency says that the virus encouraged his company to test new remote work policies. It’s a difficult task for an advertising company where the majority of creative tasks are done in person. Now teams have to learn how to interact via video and phone calls. At the moment, most employees are still on Lunar New Year vacations, so the largest remote work experiment is only about to begin. 

Some entrepreneurs say they are going to stay overseas and work using their laptops until the epidemy goes down. Many of those workers whose schedules were full of the meeting now don’t have to leave their homes. Some companies even ask their employees to report about their temperature. Has the epidemy affected your workflow already? Join the conversation in the comments and invite people you know too.

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