Collaborative Messenger: Why You Should Abandon It?

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-08-23

If you are a manager, it is especially important for you to make the whole team work as one organism. Collaborative messengers or chats came to the world of modern business to increase productivity and become the main tool for collaboration in companies around the world. Services like Teams, Slack, and Workplace or Skype were supposed to increase our productivity. But, in fact, they didn’t succeed.

Why? That’s what this article is about. I’d like to give several reasons to convince you that your team doesn’t need a collaborative messenger.

Why Should You Avoid Using Collaborative Messengers?

Before the collaborative chats appeared, we used to organize meetings and conferences to solve problems or set company goals. Therefore, we’ve had some time and distance to prepare ourselves for these events. The messenger reduced this distance in one fell swoop.

Now, all complaints, project proposals, reports, and other stuff pour into the general chat. Everything that used to be solved by a single e-mail splashed through the messenger. The shaft of negative comments creates the illusion that the situation is worse than ever. A constant flow of notifications and messages catch you from time to time. What happens next? The messenger becomes the center of your working and personal life.

Any modern messenger, including Slack, is an endless flow of notifications: assigned tasks are mixed with cat memes and deadline alerts. Even if you turn off notifications, you will still open the chat and check for new messages.

The reason is simple: chat feeds the brain with an ordered stream of events that is easy to consume. We get used to it as drug addicts do.

This is how the brain works. If it sees a chance to avoid an unpleasant thing, it will. The collaborative chat will always tell you where to escape from a task. You can discuss a new film, talk about menu options for an upcoming lunch break, or gossip over colleagues from a neighboring department. Yes, it’s a great thing if you communicate with your colleagues outside the office. But, when a collaborative chat becomes a place where all of you consult about everything but your job, it’s time to pound the alarms.

How To Increase Team Productivity?

To get away from productivity loss, you’ll have to invent something new into your team’s work routine.

A team, like an orchestra, needs a rhythm that sets the speed of the entire work process. This rhythm can be achieved through some rituals. This can be weekly planning meetings, consulting get-together, or any other type of feedback outside the office. The informal atmosphere helps to relax and get calmer.

Encourage and inspire your team. Sometimes motivation can lead to the feeling that employees are forced to do something just because of a sense of duty. The transition to a model of inspiration will help your team find the motivation by themselves. This will make your colleagues more mindful and arouse their desire to work.

Let them say ‘no’. Failure is often considered unacceptable for a worker. However, it can be part of the process of resolving issues and achieving success. When employees are constantly working in fear of failure, they will be afraid to try out new ideas or implement fresh strategies. If the leader can create some opportunities for failure, they will not be afraid to try to do something new.

Stop Increasing, Begin Raising

So, as you can see, new technologies do not always work well for our society. It’s not our failure, it’s just a thing that happens from time to time. Some things only help us to progress and become better, and some of them only reduce our possibilities and success chances. So, do you still think you need that chat, or is it better to go for a picnic with your team?

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