Better Solution for an Open Space

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-07-02

I understand that open space in an office is a convenient plan for the premises when every meter matters. This format provides nice conditions for fast communication and interaction between employees. But for me, it is not convenient when you need it to be quiet and private. You get distracted because of constant noise, and that can cause various mistakes and low efficiency. There is a way out.

Solution of choice

How can you concentrate when there’s a bunch of people talking or walking around you? Of course, it depends on the kind of activity you are involved in and the peculiarities of personal habits. Anyway if you need to be focused on the tasks, even small noises will distract. And every interruption is a way to procrastination and decrease in productivity. This problem should be fixed in large offices with open space arrangement. Here is the solution – an acoustic chamber of Framery.

This is an innovative concept providing co-workers of a large company with reliable sound insulation. Indeed, you can use it in various spaces. Perhaps, there is a need for a private room in some public building? It is a booth made of a soundproof transparent material equipped with lighting and air ventilation system. Just look at it! This is a cozy silent office which can be established in any place, even in your house if you have to work at home with all your family around.

There are three types developed in accordance with business needs: Framery O, Framery Q, and Framery 2Q. The first one really looks like a phone booth intended for a single person only. It is perfect for a video conference or phone negotiations. It is portable and can be installed without professional help. The second one houses several persons. It is designed for small business meetings, private conversations, or brainstorming sessions. Still, it is compact. And the last one is even bigger: it admits 4-6 persons. It is equipped with an automated LED lighting, power sockets, and a twin USB fast charger. There is even a whiteboard in it.

Simple as it is

I believe you share my view that those three things are as simple and efficient as they get. The key moment is top quality technologies providing convenience, portability, sound insulation. In addition, these three models are customizable and available for a test run.

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