117 Brand New Emoji Will Hit 2020 Soon

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-01-30

According to the Unicode official blog, the latest version of Unicode Emoji, 13.0, is ready to come to your mobile device. The final version of the global international emoji update includes 117 new designs for a wide range of situations. You’re not likely to receive them all at once, but the coming system updates will include the package for sure. The time of the update depends on the manufacturer of your device and your version of Android. 

new emoji 2020

The updated emoji bundle includes 117 fresh emoji designs. It also features updated skin tones and various gender options. Some of the most exciting ones are pinched fingers that you can use to describe how delicious your meal was; Tamales are for excellent Mexican foods; Heart & Lungs will help you to flirt more fluently; The Plunger is a useful alert sign for you when you mess something up at the party; Lumber is a new character that makes emojis closer to lumberjacks.

The new gender options include such characters as Mrs.Claus, women wearing black suits, and other solutions for more fluent self-expression. Do you wait for the new emojis as much as we do? Join the conversation below and share the news with others!

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