Use These Google Templates To Increase Your Productivity

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-09-20

Freelancers or small business owners always have an endless list of things to do all the time. In this case, Google Docs templates can be helpful in almost any workflow. Regardless you need to create a business budget plan, or maybe you just need a place for simple calculations. In any case, a template is the right tool for various types of operations. Google also offers some attractive options, but the Internet is also full of cool and free designer templates for different aims. So, why not use them?

This article is dedicated to 11 best free Google Docs templates that will help you with work, education, home, and hobby productiveness. I hope that you will find something that works best for you!

11 Best Free Google Docs Templates To Try

1. Write Smart Business Letters

People with letters picture

Let's start with the essential one. You want to create professional-looking business letters for specific purposes, but don't know where to start? This geometric business template will not only bring style and essence but also represent you as a mature business person.

Using this template, you can easily create letters for a client, contact the seller or manufacturer, or create a cover letter to accompany your resume. This business letter template in Google Docs already has everything. Just add your contact details, date, and your message.

2. Create Captivating Project Proposals

This one is basic for freelancers, influencers, and small business owners. A good looking project representation often plays a crucial role for a client. Therefore, if your project proposal looks smart and straightforward, it will increase the chances of approval. This project proposal template will help you to create an elegant and clear representation.

3. Make Your Cooking Recipe Look Yummy

People cooking picture

In 2019, nobody wants to read bulky amounts of text. Instead, you can use a bright and colorful template and make the text look delicious!

Use the Recipe Coral template in Google Docs to share the recipe on your blog or send it via e-mail. Add a beautiful image of the dish, write the name of the recipe, add the necessary ingredients, cooking instructions, tips, and it's done with a chef's kiss!

You can also add extra information, such as cooking time or calories per serving.

4. Share The Product/Project Details

A press release is usually a standard way to present new product to the media. This Google Docs brochure template is a great way to create a stylish and modern press release quickly.

You can add product overviews, layouts, characteristics, data, or anything you like to present. Make your product captivating for your clients and partners.

5. Send Cool Newsletters

If you use Google Docs for your business, then you will love this newsletter template. You can add photos and tell your customers or colleagues what's new, add short messages and reports by spending only a couple of minutes. The template is short and good-looking, so your team will definitely love it!

6. Study With Comfort

People studying picture

Students, this one is for you!

Most students use their laptops and smartphones to take notes both inside and outside the classroom. And so do I. Using this template during classes, you can take notes on a specific day. This default Google Docs template allows you to separate them according to the date and class. You can also share this with other friends who were unable to attend the lesson. I, personally, find this one extremely useful, because you don't need to get several notebooks. Everything you need is collected in one place and, what's more important, you will definitely understand the handwriting :)

7. A Classy Invoice For Your Employer

If you work remotely or have a small business, an invoice is one of the most important documents in your workflow. It serves as an official notification to customers that a payment is expected.

Even if you use a payment system, such as PayPal, to receive payments, this will help to create an official account template, which you can attach as a PDF file to the letter. This template has nothing but only important sections for creating an invoice message quickly and with no extra information.

8. The Addictive Restaraunt Menu

Everyday restaurant owners pay hundreds of dollars to designers for creating proper and beautiful menus. But when it comes to small businesses and corner cafes, I think you'd better save some money and invest them in your business. This template will help you to create a menu easily, so you don't need to hire designers.

9. Exclusive Bold Award Certificate

If you give workshops or training, this template is a must-have. Award the audience with a beautiful certificate that will remind them of your class.

With this Google Doc template, you can easily create pretty award-winning certificates that recognize a member's input. Add the company logo, change the relevant data, and the file is ready for printing.

10. Impress With No Stress

Looking for a new job is always stressful. Especially when it comes to writing a CV or resume. You need to focus on the main facts of your professional biography, don't forget to add workshops attended, additional courses, and education info. And all of this makes only 50% of an impressive CV.

These stress factors can be fully removed with the help of this Google Docs template. It already has everything for a smart-looking resume. You can completely focus on your advantages, instead of wasting time on formalization.

11. Complete A Delivery Receipt

Delivery man picture

This delivery receipt has a clear design that includes all the needed sections. You can confirm delivery by specifying the company and product information, such as description, quantity, weight, and more. Sign the template and share it easily.

Some Tips To Get Maximum Docs Functionality

It seems like Google Docs is suitable only for editing and writing simple and short texts. In fact, there are a lot of useful features that will help you be more productive. One of these features is docs templates. To become a more productive user of Google Docs, you need to master them.

Share the documents easily

If you collaborate on the document with somebody else or just want your colleague to take a look at it, you can just share a link. But there is an alternative way to do it. Click on the "Add Comment" button on the main Google Docs panel. A pop-up window with a comment box will appear to the right of the document. Instead of a comment, write "+" there. As soon as you do this, a list of your contacts from the Gmail will expand under this window. Just select a needed contact and the system will automatically send an invitation.

Find and paste in one click

Thanks to the Research tool, you don't need to leave the document in which you work in order to google some information. This built-in tool allows you to find and insert information into the used document or spreadsheet. Open Tools → Research (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I). A search box will appear on the right.

Fast text editing in different places

Google Docs has a Paint format tool that lets you create edited templates and apply them to any section of text. Select a word, sentence, or any other piece of text, edit it as you want and click Paint format. After that, you can apply the specified options to another fragment using just one click.

Become A Google Docs Master

For me, Google Docs is a doubtless leader when it comes to online document editing. And there are some undeniable reasons for this claim. First, the software is free. Second, this is an Internet-based service, so there are no problems with accessibility. Last, but not least is document sharing. You can easily collaborate on a document with other people by just giving them permission to edit it.

What about you? Do you use Google Docs's full power? Let me know if you have any additions to the template list or tricks!

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