Twitter Receives an Updated iOS Reply Playout

  • Greg Burn
  • 2020-02-01

Numerous complaints about the bulkiness of Twitter conversation threads have finally lead to notable user interface changes of the popular social network. Twitter launched a long-term project for simplification of conversation threads updates to declutter them and make the app more user-friendly. 

The most recent update has transformed the reply layout of the Twitter iOS app. The Android version is announced to come soon as well, Twitter reports. Until then, you can test it in the developer version of the Android app. 

The new feature is aimed at simplification of navigation within complex public threads. It lets you avoid missing replies of people you know and to browse for them in seconds. Now the responses are divided from the primary tweet with a thick white spacing. The indents between the replies under the tweet are now smaller and linked with simple lines. 

Developers announced that the new version would display separate threads for all responses left by the users you follow. This will let you understand who replied to what and much faster. Have you already tested the feature? Leave your opinion in the comments and share the news!

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