Top 5 Apps For Outsourcing Boring Chores

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-08-07

Being a responsible adult is very little fun sometimes. There's so much to take care of in your household. And yet so little time to live the life for yourself! To fight this injustice and win time for a Stranger Things marathon, late night beach walks or a Fantasy Football tournament, I've prepared Top 5 Apps that will outsource your most boring and tedious routine.


1. Rover — For cats & dogs

Rover application screenshots

Sometimes you don't have enough time or energy to walk your doggo. Or you might need to go on a three-day business trip, and none of your loyal friends or relatives are available to look after you four-legged buddy. Via Rover you can book a dog-sitter in your area: from Albuquerque to Winnipeg. They will take care of your pet, feed it. and take out for a nice, long walk.

Apart from dogs, you can also request a pet-sitter for your fish, parrot or a cat. Extremely exotic pets, like pythons or piranhas, aren't included, however. You can view reviews and check ratings of the pet-sitters to pick the best one.

Your golden retriever will be fed and brushed on time with Rover.

2. Handy — Enter the Handyman

Handy application screenshots

Rover allows you to "hire" helpers and handy people of all trades and skills. Need to have a water tap fixed? Your garden has been taken over by the unsmokable weed, and you have zero time to whack it? The lightbulbs throughout the entire house have popped? Not to worry!

Handy has a whole army of people to do these chores for you. After you order a service, you'll need to appoint the day and time. Handy will charge you a fee depending on how difficult the requested task is.

Handy knows some people who don't mind cleaning your gutters.

3. Instacart — Easiest shopping ever

Instacart application screenshots

Instacart allows you to do grocery shopping right from the phone. Pick the snacks, set the delivery time, and you're done. Besides, the app browses deals and coupons on food so that you can save up a few pennies. However, don't forget that there's a delivery fee depending on the size of your order.

Instacart will liberate you from having to stay in line at the supermarket.

4. Tide Cleaners — Lazy Laundry

Tide Cleaners application screenshots

Tide cleaners, brought by the laundry detergent brand, promises you won't have to worry about clothes washing again. In the app, you can find the closest Tide Cleaners in your vicinity. Place an order, pack your dirty garments, and bring them to the Cleaners. Once it's washed clean — you'll receive a pick up notification.

The app also allows you to customize your order by selecting washing, dry cleaning, folding, and other options. Tide is joining forces with laundromats and retail stores so you won't have to go too far to pick up your clean clothes. Residential properties, colleges, and universities are offered special client programs.

Tide Cleaners will replace a washing machine for you.

5. Great Clips — Smart hair salon app

Great Clips application screenshots

Great Clips specializes in finding the nearest hair salon of the same brand. It allows you to do an online check-in, so your place in line won't be lost. Furthermore, you'll be shown an estimated amount of wait time. In other words, how many minutes you have left before the stylist is done with the preceding client. In the app, you can save your preferences, select a number of guests that are coming with you, etc.

There's always time to look fabulous with Great Clips.

Let's kill monotony!

These apps can really make your life easier. They'll relieve you of some chores and unwanted efforts. Do you know any similar applications that deserve to be on this Top list? If yes, let us know in the comments!

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