Top 12 Apps To Stay Relaxed And Productive

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-09-27

Studying, getting ready for tests, projects, and other college routine take a lot of time and reduce your mindfulness. Therefore, if you won't balance your time the right way, unfortunately, you might end up in constant energy losing routine.

That's why I came up with such an ingenious lifesaver – a list of the most beloved and useful apps for students to stay creative and productive. These services help me to complete my everyday and overall goals as well as stay relaxed.

The Best Apps To Be Productive And Creative

I divided the list into two subsections for your convenience. The first section represents four main apps to keep your productivity on fleek, and the second one is to have fun and relax. Hope you'll find something for you!

4 Apps To Stay Productive


Bear application screenshots

The Bear app is suitable for quick notes, essays, and even writing books. The functionality of the app is really great: you can use tags, Markdown options, create to-do lists, and put cross-references so you won't miss any of your thoughts.

The Bear app was originally a simple text-transfer tool between a Mac and an iPhone that was used by a handful of people. However, over time, it has acquired many useful features and turned into a full-fledged application.

Bear working window is divided into three parts: a control panel, a list of notes, and an editor. The first section lists the tags that you used in your work. The same tag may be present in different texts. The number of tags in one note is unlimited. This helps to find any needed notation or quote quickly.

The text editor Bear is suitable for both small essays and voluminous articles. Use these options to make the text structured, easy to read, and pleasing to the eye:

  • Bold, strikethrough, underline, and italic text functions;
  • To-do, number and bullet lists;
  • Sections with quotes, code fields, external links, images, and other attachments.

Price: The Bear app is free to download, but to use it, you have to buy any of given subscription types:

  • Monthly Pro subscription – $1.49
  • Yearly Pro subscription – $14.99


Evernote application screenshots

Evernote app is a universal holder for your ideas, thoughts, plans, notes, etc. This is achieved thanks to the wide possibilities of editing and creating notes. In addition to plain text, you can insert images and any other files into them.

Once you get the Evernote to your gadget, you'll get a short instruction on how to use the app. This is a great thing because if you haven't ever used the digital notebooks with a range of options like in Evernote, you will easily get lost. By the way, you will also learn how to use Web Clipper. A fairly helpful feature that allows you to copy information or images from a web page and share it with your contacts.

If there is no time to write something, then the function of the recorder is always at your service. Simply create a note and place an audio track you recorded. When you finish the notation, you can share it by e-mail or using any of your favorite messengers immediately.

Evernote can also be used for planning. Create daily and weekly plans so you can achieve your working goals easily. Moreover, you can set a reminder and notification system in order not to miss any meetings. The service works on any platform, so the checklist of tasks and plans will always be with you.

Price: The Evernote app is free to download. But there is a limit of 60 megabytes of data per month, which, by the way, I have never managed to overcome. There are several subscription options to choose:

  • Evernote Premium – $4.99
  • Evernote Premium – $7.99
  • Evernote Premium – $42.99
  • Evernote Premium – $44.99
  • Evernote Plus – $2.99
  • Evernote Plus – $3.99


Scrivener application screenshots

Scrivener is one of the many programs that I use to write my college tasks. It is a very useful and multifunctional tool that has gathered all the most necessary functions.

Minimalistic text editors are well suited for articles, letters, and notes. But if you're about to write a big college project, dissertation or thesis that includes many chapters, illustrations, research material, and drafts, that's where you need a smart and functional composing tool. Scrivener helps to assemble all information, organize it into a convenient structure, and quickly navigate through the mass of material.

Scrivener helps to examine the entire project, easily transfer thoughts, paragraphs, and chapters. At the same time, you can easily maintain or change the structure and nesting of any complexity.

Price: Scrivener costs $19.99 with no extra in-app purchases.



If being overwhelmed by a big amount of everyday tasks and assignments has become a strong part of your college life, I have a present for you!

Tododist is a perfect tool for organizing and planning your day so you won't forget or miss anything important and find some time for yourself.

Todoist's interface is bright, simple, and intuitive. The main structural unit of accounting in the program is the project. A project may contain several smaller projects or tasks.

The task list is located on the right side of the interface and occupies most of the program window. Tasks can have different priorities: something must be done first, something later. The color scheme of priorities is intuitive — the highest priority is red, the lower is orange, the less important is yellow, the least important is gray.

The priority of the task can be changed at any time. Dividing tasks into more or less priority is an important step in organizing proper work.

One thing I really like about Todoist is the idea of ​​karma. Completing each task brings a certain amount of points. By setting the daily norm, you will get involved in the motivational process, and the results will be displayed on the chart.

Price: Todoist is free to get. Basic features are also available for free, but if you want to use all its options, you have to buy any of these subscriptions:

  • Todoist Premium - Annual $35.99
  • Todoist Premium - Monthly $3.99

8 Apps To Boost Creativity And Stay Relaxed

Insight Timer - Meditation App

Insight Timer - Meditation App application screenshots

Insight Timer is a sort of spiritual practice simulator. If you do not know how to start taking meditation sessions, then start by installing this application. It has everything you need: a convenient timer, background tunes, and a huge number of voiced lessons.

At the first start, the application will ask you several questions, including the experience of meditation and the main goals that you seek to achieve as a result of classes. After that, a few examples of specially selected practices will appear on the screen. If this is not enough for you, you can register and get free access to other (more than 4,500) session options.

The application also provides the opportunity to meditate on your own. To do this, you must customize the built-in timer, set the duration of the session, alerts of its beginning and end. After you complete the session, you'll see how many people were also engaged in meditating in this time all over the world.

Price: Insight Timer is free, but you can discover more features by getting any of these purchases:

  • Insight Premium Meditation $9.99
  • Insight Premium Meditation $59.99
  • Meditation Course: Single Use $4.99
  • Meditation Teacher Donation 2 $4.99
  • Meditation Course: Multi-Use $19.99
  • Meditation Teacher Donation 1 $1.99
  • Truth Anxiety course – Own $19.99
  • Meditation Teacher Donation 3 $19.99
  • Meditation Course: Upgrade $14.99
  • Free from Anger Course – Own $19.99

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock application screenshots

Sleep is an absolutely important component of our life. And the success and productivity during the working day often depend on the quality and duration of your sleep. That's why I recommend the Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock app. This service is designed to improve the duration and quality of your sleeping time.

As you may know, our sleep is divided into two main phases: light sleep and deep sleep stages. The responsibility of this app is to wake you up on the light sleeping phase. The principle is very simple. In the phase of light sleep, a person is more sensitive to various movements because the muscles are tense, and the brain is more active than at the stage of deep sleep.

The accelerometer of your devices captures all your movements, and the alarm goes off at the very moment when you are more favorable to wake up. In order for Sleep Cycle to work properly and track your sleeping phases, it must be placed right next to you. The developers suggest putting the phone near your head so that the microphone can pick up all the noises you make.

Price: Sleep Cycle is free to download, but if you want to use all its features, you have to buy one of the given subscriptions.

  • Sleep Cycle Premium $29.99
  • Premium $1.99
  • Premium $9.99
  • Premium $23.99
  • Premium $14.99
  • Premium $4.99
  • Premium $8.99
  • Premium $10.99
  • Premium $2.99
  • Year SleepSecure membership $1.99

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep application screenshots

Headspace is a modern interactive meditation training system. The idea of the app belongs to Andy Puddicombe, an author of 'Meditation and Mindfulness' book.

Headspace will help you choose a session based on your level of practice, circumstances, and goals. After registering, the first thing you will be asked is whether you have meditation experience, and what is your goal to achieve.

Beginners will be offered a basic course, which consists of 10 exercises, all of which are included in the free set. This practice program will be displayed on the application's home screen every time you open it. Courses for the more advanced users are available only with a paid subscription.

The main screen of the app also includes the Everyday Headspace section. This is a free bonus with daily meditations that you can go through regardless of your main course. Another cool solution is short minute meditations if you suddenly decided to relax a little. By the way, every meditation session is accompanied by Andy Puddicombe's comments and guides.

Price: Headspace: Meditation & Sleep is free, but there are also paid options that are available by a subscription.

  • Headspace $12.99
  • Headspace Plus $94.99
  • Headspace $12.99
  • Headspace $94.99
  • Headspace Plus $69.99
  • Monthly Subscription $12.99
  • Headspace Plus $12.99
  • Annual Subscription $69.99
  • Headspace $9.99
  • Monthly Subscription $12.99

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 application picture

This app is designed for music lovers! Ableton Live is an audio workstation that allows you to write your own tracks and compose them right on your laptop.

The program is used by many DJs and musicians for live performances, where the artist does not use an already existing track but creates a sound live on stage! Thanks to this opportunity, the program has become a favorite for many popular musicians like Skrillex or Armin Van Buuren.

Honestly saying, you have to be a professional to handle this program. But once you sort things out, you can become a Dj easily! Ableton Live 10 has all the needed tools for creating music and live performances. So, if you are keen on Dee-jay-ing or just love to create sounds, this service is exactly what you need.

Price: Ableton Live 10 comes in three editions: Intro, Standard, and Suite.

  • Intro – $99
  • Standart – $449
  • Suite – $749

Elf Audio Koala

Elf Audio Koala application screenshots

This one is for music creating amateurs and fans. Elf Audio Koala is an app, that helps you to record your own music wherever and whenever you want.

If you don't like to spend lots of money on cool apps, then you should definitely pay attention to this one. Getting started with Audio Koala is simple: you just record your voice or other noise and edit it with dozens of free mic effects to sound even more professional. Next step – you get to the DJ set, and that's where the real creation takes place. Mix, scratch, and edit to get a perfect sound! WIth Elf Audio Koala it's never been easier.

Price: The app is available for $3.99.


Procreate application screenshot

Procreate is powerful sketching and drawing application designed especially for the iPad. Procreate provides excellent performance, an elegant user interface, powerful layer support, awesome filters, hundreds of brush presets (including pens, pencils, and abstract tools), as well as the ability to import, create and share custom brushes.

Create a new canvas, select any two-texture brush from the extensive Procreate set, and start painting. The pleasantly responsive Feather tool will help achieve perfect color blending. Procreate supports the creation of ultra high-resolution canvases that work perfectly for poster printing. Try powerful tools for highlighting, transforming objects, and working with perspective, designed specifically for multi-touch screens and allowing you to create stunning effects of cinematic quality in your illustration. Despite the huge wealth of features, the Procreate interface is intuitive and quite straightforward, so you'll get used to it quite soon.

Price: Procreate app is available for $9.99.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Adobe Creative Cloud screenshot

The Adobe developers have prepared a gift for all photography lovers out there! There is a completely new Creative Cloud subscription plan that includes the Lightroom CC service, Photoshop, and other essential editing programs. Get a Creative Cloud account and access all your photos on all of your devices to process and edit them easily.

Adobe has developed a special Photography Program offer for photographers who have worked with older versions of the popular Photoshop program (starting CS3).

Price: The package price is only $ 9.99 per month.


Pixelmator application screenshot

Pixelmator is an image editor for the MacOS, which has long been a beloved alternative to Adobe Photoshop among amateur graphics enthusiasts. The application provides tools for creating a totally new picture, or you can choose one ready-made templates and use it. Here you can create collages, postcards, images with inscriptions, or just customize your existing photo and put it on Instagram.

There is a large set of tools for editing, and creating images is provided in the working window. Choose a brush tool, adjust its thickness, choose a color, and draw your own picture. You can play with shades, add special effects, cut off the excess, and retouch all imperfections.

Pixelmator also offers a huge number of beautiful photo effects. You can apply them in real-time: change the parameters, and immediately see the result. Effects can be combined, interchanged, as well as edited to your own choice.

Price: Pixelmator is available for $39.99.

Make your phone ‘smart’

We can't imagine our life without smartphones and other gadgets, but choosing useful apps can turn your phone into a powerful assistant. Try these apps to stay creative and be productive every day! College life can be tough, but I believe that with some helpful habits like day planning and regular meditation sessions, you can handle it.

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