Top 10 iOS Productivity Apps for 2020

  • Greg Burn
  • 2020-01-30

Apple iOS has proved to be the best operating system when it comes to organizing a workflow on the go. iOS handhelds let you keep in touch with your team, accomplish multiple tasks remotely, and manage your workflow proactively. Are you ready to get more work done in 2020? Take your iPhone or iPad and read this article then! 

1. Evernote

evernote screenshot

Perhaps you already know Evernote as its a member of nearly all top lists of productivity apps. And it’s impossible to exclude it! Evernote is a universal tool for organizing nearly everything that you have in mind. It lets you save web pages and media files and to comment on them instantly. It’s a great way to capture ideas and thoughts on the go. You can even record what’s on your mind leaving voice records via your Apple Watch. 

Evernote is also a perfect tool for collaborative brainstorming. You can create public documents to share them with your colleagues and exchange ideas on a white canvas. You can send images and videos, attach documents, insert URLs, and do many other things to boost productivity on the go. 

2. Shortcuts

shortcuts screenshot

Shortcuts is a simple but extremely helpful automation tool for your iOS devices. It will help you to keep things in order. It lets you create sequences of actions that include processes in different applications. For example, you can set it to export CSV files from your Trello boards and email them to your boss every Friday. If you are already using iOS 13, you can do nearly the same, using built-in features, but Shortcuts still has deeper access permissions in third-party apps.

3. Spark

spark screenshot

The default Email app by Apple is ok, but it can become really annoying when you have to deal with hundreds of work emails every week. It also doesn’t provide cross-app sharing features for some reason. That’s where Spark can save the day and your nerves. It’s easy to integrate the app with nearly all popular services on the App Store, which makes it one of the universal solutions. The only drawback of the system is that you can’t switch between the view modes. It means that you will have to open emails quite frequently to understand what they are about, which is a waste of time. 

4. Reminders Plus Siri

siri screenshot

These two are Syd and Nancy of mobile productivity. It works incredibly easy, but lets you never forget about your plans. Just call Siri and ask her something like, “Remind me to call day tomorrow at 5 PM,” or “Tell me to buy a bottle of vine in the evening.” Reminders can also synchronize with your Mac computer and send notifications to both devices simultaneously to make sure that you see them. Besides, it’s available for Apple Watch so that you can set reminders anywhere you go. You can also ask Siri to add notes if you don’t like using Evernote.

5. Things 3

things 3 screenshot

Things 3 is currently one of the most popular tasker apps on the App Store. It lets you give up pens and sticky notes and keep all your tasks in order on all your Apple devices. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to and can save you hours during the year. You can divide your tasks into groups, such as Today, Plans, Anytime, Sometime in the Future, Work, Family, and many others. This solution will cost you a small fortune as it’s sold separately on all devices, but you will surely forget about tasking problems forever.  

6. Trello

trello screenshot

Trello is another popular task manager. Unlike Things 3 and the free Reminders, it lets you plan proactively and make sure that you can finish your long-term projects in time. No matter what kind of projects you are in charge of, Trello will help you to figure things out quickly. Trello’s minimalistic user interface is based on the Japanese Kanban system. It was initially implemented in terms of Toyota’s Production System in the early 1950s. The company’s productivity has grown so much since then that the system became popular worldwide.

7. Ulysses

Ulysses screenshot

If you’re a fan of free digital writing, you will definitely enjoy this minimalistic writing app. Instead of providing you with dozens of regular and specialized features, Ulysses lets you create documents of unlimited size and synchronize them on multiple Apple devices for just $40 per year. It’s one of the best solutions for writers and web content creators, including social media influencers. 

8. LastPass

LastPass screenshot

Today it’s impossible to escape dealing with dozens of passwords and passcodes if your work involves a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you try to type every password manually, you will soon be drained and unable to work productively. LastPass is called to make your life easier and manage access data from all your applications and web service accounts. It also is secure cloud storage for passwords that will keep them safe even if somebody breaks into your device. 

9. Dropbox

dropbox screenshot

Dropbox is a pioneer on the market of cloud storage. It’s a secure and convenient solution for making backups of important files, including images, videos, audio, and all types of documents or system files. Of course, there are dozens of other free cloud storage apps, and some of them offer more free space, but none of them have a smart integrated PDF scanner and unique security features. 

10. screenshot

If you work as an interviewer or your job requires a lot of listening to others, you can’t memorize everything without making records. Handwriting and typing are methods of the past, while the audio recording is too bulky. If you want to give up transcribing audios, will save the day. This Ai-powered engine can transcribe English speech in real time almost without mistakes, saving you loads of time on preparing articles. The free version of the app can convert up to 10 hours of speech every month! 

Keep Organized!

The way you organize your workflow defines how productive you are every day. Pay attention to the amounts of time you spend on particular tasks and think about how you could accomplish them faster. Have you already tried any of the apps from our list? Tell us about it in the comments and share the piece with your busy friends to help them out! 

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