The Right Music Will Inspire You with the New Streaming Service

  • Greg Burn
  • 2019-06-07

It’s no secret that most of us love working to the music. But it inevitably distracts us from the body of work, especially if you really like it. People search for ways to avoid it: some prefer music so familiar that it goes unnoticed, some prefer instrumental music or vocal in unfamiliar languages, and so on. But [email protected] may change this experience with playlists generated by the smartest AI with an attitude.

Work Friendly Music: How It’s Achieved

Focus At Will itunes app screenshot

The creators of [email protected] explain little. Of course, the project doesn’t just feature the mainstream playlists met on any other Pandora or Spotify. [email protected] features special channels broadcasting classical music, lounge, sounds of nature, and so on, They are named after the feel they’re supposed to express, not by genre or instruments played.

The most important about the music offered by [email protected] is its totally abstract feel. Experienced users say its stations never played anything that could be classified as “earworm”.

It may come as a surprise, but [email protected] isn’t a new startup. It was launched in 2013, and has come a long way since. It enriched its playlists, and its AI learned a lot from users’ reactions. It’s essential when it comes to personalizing the experience, so now recommending [email protected] makes more sense than it did back in 2013. Especially since its lifetime premium subscription is nowadays just $69.95 instead of $299.95, so if you need something like this, the time is now.

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