Best Apps for Mental Health Protection at Work

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-03-09

In the modern competitive business world, stress rates reach new heights every day, making our mental health suffer. Our psyche can’t evolve as fast as the progress and work requirements for employees. As a result, many of us face depression, mood disorders, and anxiety that can lead to more serious physical disruptions. According to Statista, 25% of US citizens from 18 to 49 years old suffer from mental illnesses. Fortunately, I found a bunch of apps that can really help you to support your mental health on a daily basis. Choose the one that corresponds to your problem and start exercising at least a few minutes every day to make it better! 

1. SuperBetter – For Better Resilience 


SuperBetter is based on a concept of gamified mental exercises. It’s designed to help you deal with such issues as anxiety and depression, to recover from a concussion and some other illnesses. The primary skills that you can develop with the SuperBetter app are real-life resilience and more definite optimism, which will result in higher motivation at work and home. When these 3 things start working better, it becomes much easier to cope with stressful situations and reach your goals faster. Surprisingly, everything you need to progress is to play the game for a few minutes every day. You can start working on your iOS or Android device right away for free.  

2. Recovery Record – Deal With Eating Disorder

Recovery Record app screenshot

The Recovery Record app or RR, is an excellent tracker of eating habits that’s designed to help people who suffer from an eating disorder. It includes tools for dealing with overeating and undereating and training you to eat correctly during the day. It can correlate your current body shape with probable reasons and provide a consistent eating schedule to help you avoid obesity and dystrophy. 

Using the Recovery Record app, you can set recovery goals, log what you eat every day, along with how you feel. Based on the provided information, the app will create a personal healthy eating plan and offer relevant techniques that you can use to deal with your current eating disorder. You can start on any iOS or Android device for free. 

3. PTSD Coach – For PTSD Victims

PTSD Coach – For PTSD Victims app screenshot

PTSD Coach is designed specifically for people who are going through Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The primary users of the app are the US military service veterans and active members, but it can be useful for people who got into extreme situations too. The first goal of the PTSD Coach app is to teach you about this particular type of mental disorder and to provide you with helpful tips and insights. You can pass the interactive PTSD test right within the app and pick up the most relevant self-help techniques. Here you will find methods for positive self-talk, effective anger management, and other relaxation methods. 

4. Sanvello – Stress & Anxiety Helper

Sanvello – Stress & Anxiety Helper

Sanvello was created in collaboration with scientists and provides clinically tested and scientifically approved techniques for dealing with stress, stress, and depression symptoms. The app can track your mood every day and offer the most effective tools for your particular situation. One of the main methods is the guided journey through your disorder that can help you understand its nature. In combination with other methods, the app will make you more conscious and let you think positively to start solving problems bit by bit. In addition to that, you can read stories by other users and inspire each other. 

5. Moodpath – Deal With Depression & Anxiety 


Moodpath is another effective tool for dealing with depression and anxiety that lets you track your mood. The app lets you log what you feel by answering psychological questions every day. In the end, the app will generate a report that will be very helpful for your mental health professional. Besides, the app provides lots of helpful exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). You can read or listen to each of them for free on your iOS or Android device. 

6. Fabulous – Habit Building Assistant

Fabulous app screenshot

The Fabulous app is quite different from other apps on my list, but it’s also incredibly effective. It’s based on the idea that good mental health depends heavily on your habits, and it’s hard to argue about it. Using Fabulous, you can change your habits and the way you deal with routines. It will help you to detect the things that hold you back and change your everyday chores. Start from something simple like drinking less coffee, replacing it with water, or try to learn a couple of breathing exercises. Eventually, you will start noticing where you are doing wrong and what should be done to change it. 

7. Pre reSET – SUD Battling 

Substance Use Disorder is a condition that requires serious treatment. For that reason, the Pre reSET application is a prescription-only service. It includes a 12-week therapy conducted under constant professional supervision. During the therapy, you will learn how to take charge of your recovery. The app must be used in co-op with pro treatment. 

It Takes Time to Win

Unfortunately, mental well-being is not something that you have by default. If you feel wrong, it will take some time to change it. If you want to stay productive without hating your life and everyone around, take out some time every day to talk to yourself. 

You can either try to think about your problems by yourself if your self-understanding is advanced enough or use one of the apps above to get some extra help and guidance. And don’t forget to talk to your friends, family, and anyone else you trust. When you share your feelings, you let your mind relax and find new ways to keep going. Do small steps every day, and you’ll notice how your mind brings you new perspectives.

Mental wellness is the most important resource for any human. Using the apps from my list, you can start working for your mental health. However, I recommend you to ask for professional help when you feel overwhelmed as self-treatment may not be as resultative as you may expect. 

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