Apps Like Pinterest You Should See in Action

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-07-10

We’ve all been swept down by the incredible appearance of Pinterest in the last couple of years. Extremely simple in use, but with a ton of features, the app is a renowned platform where you can search for visuals of all kinds. Yes, it’s the best, but it’s not the only one.


In fact, there are some Pinterest alternatives that can come in handy for designers, artists, or simply visually curious people. It’s hard to tell which one is the best substitute since they are so amazingly different. But give me a few to introduce them to you so that you can decide.


This one is the first and most competitive visual bookmarking app that has been around for almost as long as Pinterest itself. It’s been elaborated to replace features that weren’t available for the latter at some point. Unlike Pinterest, this platform offers more freedom in creating your own boards that aren’t limited by private invites. 

Because the app has an in-built visual search engine, it’s equipped with a function that pulls up similar images with a single press. Now, you’re looking not for a specific picture but more for an idea. This includes colors, designs, in-picture text, etc.


Created for a more professional approach, Dribble is a place for finding people who think alike. The platform is a hub where thousands of users upload and edit their boards with designs, art exponents, original artistic works, and so much more. Just like the Pinterest for Android app, this one is available for both smartphones and desktops.

It can be used as an additional source of inspiration for the creative ones. Thanks to the constantly updating profiles, you always see designs breaking new ground. Also, the interface is rather similar to the big P, thus not requiring any time for getting accustomed. 


For those of you whose heart’s in cooking, try FoodGawker as a restorative retreat. It consists of an ever-growing global community of chefs, food artists, or simply crafty housewives. Their dishes, tips, and recipes are as mind-blowing as they are alluring.

Apps like Pinterest simply cannot grasp something so tedious yet rewarding like cooking. Whereas, this platform is specifically designed to be a hub for professionals and amateurs whose talents and experiments can inspire a whole new generation of food-lovers. Download it to improve your kitchen skills or simply get visual satisfaction. 


Get yourself Mix to receive access to hundreds, if not thousands of high-quality articles. The platform does remind of Pinterest login in the interface, as well as its basic functions. However, it’s more about reading and learning than just gazing and being amazed.

Here, you have a whole array of scientific and pop-culture articles, contemplations, and fun narratives. Each of them can be added to your customized profile simply by clicking ‘Mix’. The more you add, the more the interface aims at your preferences. Useful, isn’t it?

The Most Acclaimed Doesn’t Mean the Only One

If you do some digging, you’ll see how profound the Internet is of platforms like Pinterest. However, they aren’t just lessener copies. Each of them can be a great tool for your professional and personal growth. Have you ever used them as a source of inspiration for your work? Which is your favorite one? Let me know what you think below!

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