4 Health and Fitness Apps to Download in 2020

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 2020-07-24

It’s hard to keep track of your tight schedule while running errands, dashing between study and work, and doing so much more. Often, we forget about the importance of staying in touch with our body, mind, and spirit. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you have a smartphone on your side.


There are a whole bunch of apps for health, fitness, and relaxation that can come quite in handy while you keep on living to the fullest. And for this, we’ve prepared a top list of people’s favorites. They can be a nice resort in the buzzing bustle of life to turn to.


Before starting to gain muscles or getting into the shape you dream of, it’s essential to pay attention to the food you eat and how you consume it. MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps for fitness and a great add-on for those whose breakfast, lunch, and dinner have mingled up. This can deprive a person of vital carbs, fats, and proteins. 

Keeping track of what you eat, the amount, and the elements you receive is a must for a healthy life. Simply find your meal on the drop-down list to add it to your daily ratio. In the end, you can see a summary of your food consumption to find out what you lack or have an excess of.


Let’s forget about the necessity of maintaining your mental health upbeat. Stress can cause much more damage to our wellbeing than it may seem at first. By having clarity of mind and deep sleep, you can improve your overall spirits and tune the body in with a more peaceful mindset.

Choose a mode to which you feel like falling asleep. Whether you need to hone your focus, become more centered, or simply have a peaceful slumber, the app is here to help. Don’t hesitate to experiment by trying mediations and relaxation techniques that are all benevolently provided by a team of professionals. 

Adidas Running App

Whether you’re into light morning jogs or long runs for endurance, Adidas has got you covered. The application is one of those apps for fitness and health that monitor your vitals, running distance, calories, and so much more. It’s great for those who want to lose weight, improve cardio, or simply take off the stress.

Here, you find lots of useful running modes, like ‘races’, ‘summer body’, ‘beginner’s guide’, etc., to take up the habit. You can observe your progress via the mileage, route, and calories burnt. Get a full summary of your running data each month to stay empowered to do even more.


If you’re ready to transform, consider this Apple app for health that can easily become your pocket trainer. It combines an array of exercises for those who feel unsure about their physique and those having profound experience in working out. Created by a team of top-notch trainers, the app can offer so much to help you keep in good health, lose weight, and gain muscles.

Pick an individual program or have one tailored specifically for you to begin your journey. You can easily change your mind and switch classes, as well as take up monthly and weekly challenges. Whatever you do, make sure to do it for your own body and mind.

First, Take Care of What Really Matters 

Anyway, these little helpers can be compactly piled up in your app library. Reach them when you need them most. And remember, your mind is what keeps your body running. Have you ever used any of the apps before? How did you find them? Tell us what you think in the comments section!  

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