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4 Health and Fitness Apps to Download in 2020 It’s hard to keep track of your tight schedule while running errands, dashing between study and work, and doing so much more. Often, we forget about the importance of staying in touch with our body, mind, and spirit. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you have a smartphone on... Continue reading Best Apps to Shop Online: 2020 Edition You shouldn’t worry too much if you have a tight schedule, limiting your stress-relief shopping routine. Nowadays, there are very few shops that have not hopped on the train with online retail. Those shops and brands that have, have come closer to their potential customers than ever. Ge... Continue reading Apps Like Pinterest You Should See in Action We’ve all been swept down by the incredible appearance of Pinterest in the last couple of years. Extremely simple in use, but with a ton of features, the app is a renowned platform where you can search for visuals of all kinds. Yes, it’s the best, but it’s not the only one.... Continue reading Top 4 Apps to Import Tasks From Wunderlist There is no turning point for Wunderlist fans, as on Wednesday, it is going to die. But don’t worry, there are great services ready to replace it. All you need is to give a try to other apps on the list. It can’t be shocking news for you, as Microsoft has announced the decision to sto... Continue reading Best Apps for Mental Health Protection at Work In the modern competitive business world, stress rates reach new heights every day, making our mental health suffer. Our psyche can’t evolve as fast as the progress and work requirements for employees. As a result, many of us face depression, mood disorders, and anxiety that can lead to more s... Continue reading Twitter Receives an Updated iOS Reply Playout Numerous complaints about the bulkiness of Twitter conversation threads have finally lead to notable user interface changes of the popular social network. Twitter launched a long-term project for simplification of conversation threads updates to declutter them and make the app more user-friendly.&nb... Continue reading The 7 Most Anticipated Games of 2020 Though 2020 will be filled with various titles, including those delayed from 2019 to hit the new console generation, some games remain on top of the list. Here are the seven most anticipated games that will change the gamescape of the year — and maybe the entire industry. Some of them are rema... Continue reading Top 10 iOS Productivity Apps for 2020 Apple iOS has proved to be the best operating system when it comes to organizing a workflow on the go. iOS handhelds let you keep in touch with your team, accomplish multiple tasks remotely, and manage your workflow proactively. Are you ready to get more work done in 2020? Take your iPhone or iPad a... Continue reading 8 Idyllic Gardens to Relax in Games While playing is acting, not every game should be action. Probably that’s why any big non-shooting game attracts such attention; arcades, puzzles, runners and quests are the endangered species of AAA, but there still are some. And the best location for recovering your soul after all the troubl... Continue reading Top 12 Apps To Stay Relaxed And Productive Studying, getting ready for tests, projects, and other college routine take a lot of time and reduce your mindfulness. Therefore, if you won't balance your time the right way, unfortunately, you might end up in constant energy losing routine. That's why I came up with such an ingenious li... Continue reading Use These Google Templates To Increase Your Productivity Freelancers or small business owners always have an endless list of things to do all the time. In this case, Google Docs templates can be helpful in almost any workflow. Regardless you need to create a business budget plan, or maybe you just need a place for simple calculations. In any case, a templ... Continue reading The 8 Improvements A New iPhone 11 Needs Traditionally, Apple presents a new smartphone in early autumn, and the iPhone 11 is expected to be released on Apple Event (September 10). Though there are a lot of rumors and expert predictions walking around the Internet, I'd like to offer eight features that will definitely make me buy a new... Continue reading