How to Make and Print Your Own Photo Book Online I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m nothing but completely loaded with tons of old photos. You know, those pictures that have always been there since your early childhood are simply too precious to dispose of. Fortunately, there are platforms for compiling your old pictures and ar... Continue reading How to Cancel Apple Music: 3 Ways Out If you’ve got a trial version or a full package of Apple Music, you might want to cancel it at some point. Canceling your subscription is a hell of a ride, maybe because it’s the developers who wanted this or it’s an unfortunate complication. Anyway, the cancellation largely depend... Continue reading 4 Health and Fitness Apps to Download in 2020 It’s hard to keep track of your tight schedule while running errands, dashing between study and work, and doing so much more. Often, we forget about the importance of staying in touch with our body, mind, and spirit. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you have a smartphone on... Continue reading Best Apps to Shop Online: 2020 Edition You shouldn’t worry too much if you have a tight schedule, limiting your stress-relief shopping routine. Nowadays, there are very few shops that have not hopped on the train with online retail. Those shops and brands that have, have come closer to their potential customers than ever. Ge... Continue reading Apps Like Pinterest You Should See in Action We’ve all been swept down by the incredible appearance of Pinterest in the last couple of years. Extremely simple in use, but with a ton of features, the app is a renowned platform where you can search for visuals of all kinds. Yes, it’s the best, but it’s not the only one.... Continue reading Top 4 Apps to Import Tasks From Wunderlist There is no turning point for Wunderlist fans, as on Wednesday, it is going to die. But don’t worry, there are great services ready to replace it. All you need is to give a try to other apps on the list. It can’t be shocking news for you, as Microsoft has announced the decision to sto... Continue reading iPhone 12 Release: When to Expect It?¬† The pandemic still continues, and its negative impact on all areas of the global economy grows. It has affected many major brands, including Apple. According to recent reports, the company has temporarily delayed the release of its flagship iPhone 12 (which were supposed to go on sale in the fall of... Continue reading Marco Polo Adds Premium Subscription Service¬† Many services do their best for you to help us keep in touch with your loved ones at this alarming time. Video messaging app Marco Polo does not stay behind. With the latest update, developers have added the subscription option that includes several useful features.  Marco Polo is a free and... Continue reading Watch Your Back. How to Work at Home with Comfort You may feel lucky if your work can be taken home during the quarantine. Mine can. But it takes a good setup to be able to fulfill your duties at home for long hours. Traditionally offices offer a desk with a desktop, a laptop or an all-in-one, peripherals if necessary, and an office chair to work a... Continue reading 5 Tips on Improving Your Net-Work While I have always preferred to work alone, with my own rules, recently lots of friends sharing my affection to apps and stuff have to work at home. Not much did it change in their job, however, due to Slack or Zoom. But it only highlights the necessity of having your network optimized. Especially... Continue reading Best Apps for Mental Health Protection at Work In the modern competitive business world, stress rates reach new heights every day, making our mental health suffer. Our psyche can’t evolve as fast as the progress and work requirements for employees. As a result, many of us face depression, mood disorders, and anxiety that can lead to more s... Continue reading You Can Finally Mute Android Auto Notifications Android Auto is designed to make the driving experience more convenient. However, the previous versions of the service were quite distractive because of notifications. It was impossible to turn off the sound! At last, Google fixed it, and now you can mute notifications to focus on the road. Another... Continue reading