Whether in a hotel, an inn or a holiday apartment, bedbugs in a hotel room are undoubtedly among the things that can spoil a well-earned holiday. Bedbugs are spreading all over the world. Especially during the popular travel times, bedbugs are always on the lookout for the next best source of food … namely you!

Bedbugs can best spread in hotels. Thanks to constantly new guests, it is particularly easy for the little bloodsuckers to nest in clothing, textiles or luggage unnoticed. Once a hotel room is infected with the rapidly multiplying bugs, there is a great danger that guests will not only be bitten, but that you will also take the little bloodsuckers home with you in your luggage. Not a nice thought.

But don’t be afraid! We show you 5 tips with which you can subject your hotel room to a first bed bug check.

Mattress and Bed Frame

Bedbugs like to stay very close to their favorite food source, humans. And which place is closer than the bed? After all, the small parasites can quench their thirst for blood here undisturbed for several hours.

Check bed frames, mattresses, pillows and blankets for bedbugs:

  • Inspect headboards and cracks. Slide the bed slightly away from the wall and check the areas behind it.
  • Bedbugs are small and true masters of hide-and-seek. Check the bed frame, indentations, corners and struts for bugs.
  • Last but not least: Check the bedding, mattress, pillows, blankets, seams and seams.


Bedside tables right next to the bed are also popular places to stay for bedbugs.

So You Check Furniture Close To The Bed For Bedbugs:

  • Look in the drawers, their corners and on the handles, as well as on the sides and under the bedside table.
  • Ornaments, lamps and picture frames can be nesting places for bedbugs.

Cupboards And Sideboards

Although bedbugs like to stay near their blood donating hosts, other pieces of furniture can also give bedbugs a home. Why? Because bedbugs like to travel with potential hosts.

So You Can Check Wardrobes And Wardrobes For Bedbugs:

  • Bedbugs spread out and like to use wardrobes, wardrobes or similar furniture as a shelter for onward travel.

Check the shelves and corners, handles, cracks, etc. of the furniture with which your luggage or clothing comes into contact.

Sofas, Chairs And Blankets

Bedbugs are attracted to the CO2 we exhale. Areas, in which humans frequently stay and objects on/on which they like to stay, are preferred places of incidence for bedbugs.

This Is How You Check Sofas, Chairs And Blankets For Bedbugs:

  • Inspect the blankets and pillows of sofas and chairs. Check especially the cracks, seams, corners, zippers, connecting pieces and interior parts for any conspicuous infestation.


Baggage is the main culprit when it comes to infecting your own four walls with bedbugs, because bedbugs use every opportunity to travel with you in the luggage of the potential host. It is therefore a good idea to leave your luggage in the bathroom first when you move into your hotel room and to check the bedbugs in the areas where you want to store your luggage.

Check luggage racks for bedbugs:

  • Check luggage racks and luggage storage areas thoroughly (corners, nets, cracks).
  • It is also advisable to visually inspect the lateral and lower surfaces.

Do I Have Bedbugs In My Hotel Room?

Thanks to the above tips, you now know where to look for bedbugs. But how do you recognize bedbugs?

Signs of Bedbugs Infestation

  1. Living bedbugs – The reddish-brown bedbugs are 5-6 mm small when fully grown and have a flat, oval body with six legs and two antennae.
  2. Bloodstains – When a bedbug is crushed during feeding, it leaves small (smeared) bloodstains.
  3. Dark/black patches – Dark patches are excrements of the bedbug that it leaves behind after a meal.
  4. Skin – The bedbug skins as it enters the next life cycle. If you find skin remains, this indicates a clearly mature bed bug infestation.
  5. Bed Bug Eggs – Females bedbugs lay about 200 to 500 eggs every two months. They prefer to leave them in packs of 10 eggs. Bed Bug eggs are 1 mm wide and pearl white.